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Why Is Angie Acting President?

Quick Summary

Angie Motshekga, the Minister of Basic Education in South Africa, was appointed as Acting President on July 2, 2021, due to President Cyril Ramaphosa’s absence and Deputy President David Mabuza’s medical treatment. This appointment was temporary and specific to the situation. Motshekga’s background in education and her political career with the African National Congress (ANC) were highlighted, along with controversies she has faced. The post also mentioned her activities as Acting President, including visiting the family of a deceased member of the Presidential Protection Services.


Angie Motshekga, the Minister of Basic Education in South Africa, was appointed as Acting President on July 2, 2021. This appointment came about due to specific circumstances that required someone to temporarily assume presidential duties while both President Cyril Ramaphosa and Deputy President David Mabuza were unavailable.

President Ramaphosa was attending the State Funeral Service for the late President Kenneth Kaunda in Lusaka, Zambia at that time. Meanwhile, Deputy President Mabuza was receiving medical treatment in the Russian Federation. In light of these absences from their respective roles within government leadership, Angie Motshekga stepped into her temporary position as Acting President.

It is important to note that this appointment should not be seen as a permanent change or shift in power dynamics within South African politics. Rather it serves solely as an interim measure during exceptional circumstances when neither the president nor deputy president are available to fulfill their official responsibilities.

As we delve further into this topic and explore Angie Motshekga’s background and activities during her tenure as Acting President, it becomes clear why she was chosen for this role given her experience and political standing within South Africa.

Angie Motshekga’s Background

Angie Motshekga is a prominent South African politician and educator who has been serving as the Minister of Basic Education since May 2009. With her extensive experience in education, she plays a crucial role in shaping the country’s educational policies and ensuring quality education for all.

Motshekga is an active member of the African National Congress (ANC), one of South Africa’s major political parties. She has demonstrated her commitment to public service through various leadership positions within the party, including being elected as president of its women’s league.

Before entering politics, Motshekga had a strong background in teaching. Her passion for education led her to pursue studies at institutions such as Wits University and Unisa where she obtained degrees that equipped her with valuable knowledge about pedagogy and curriculum development.

Throughout her career, Motshekga held several notable positions within the field of education. Prior to becoming Minister of Basic Education, she served on numerous boards related to schooling systems’ improvement initiatives aimed at enhancing access to quality learning opportunities across different regions in South Africa.

Her dedication towards improving educational outcomes extends beyond national borders too; during international conferences or engagements focused on global issues surrounding children’s rights or sustainable development goals – you can often find Ms. Motshekga actively participating alongside other influential figures from around the world, sharing insights gained throughout years spent working tirelessly advocating equal opportunity regardless of the socio-economic backgrounds students come from, while also addressing challenges faced by educators themselves when it comes to providing the best possible environment conducive to effective instruction delivery methods tailored to the individual needs of each learner they serve on a daily basis.

In summary, Angie Motshekga brings both expertise and personal experiences to the table, making her uniquely qualified to lead the Ministry responsible for overseeing nation-wide efforts to ensure every child receives high-quality education accessible irrespective of their circumstances. This combination of professional acumen and genuine empathy for those most vulnerable among us makes her stand out amongst her peers and colleagues alike.

Appointment as Acting President

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s decision to appoint Angie Motshekga as the Acting President of South Africa on July 2, 2021, was driven by specific circumstances. At that time, President Ramaphosa was attending a state funeral in Zambia for the late President Kenneth Kaunda. Meanwhile, Deputy President David Mabuza was receiving medical treatment in Russia.

The appointment of Angie Motshekga as Acting President served two important purposes – ensuring continuity and representation during the absence of both the president and deputy president. As Minister of Basic Education since May 2009 and an experienced politician within the African National Congress (ANC), she possessed knowledge about governance processes and had proven leadership capabilities.

It is crucial to note that this appointment should be seen within its temporary context; it applied solely to this particular situation where both higher-ranking officials were unavailable due to their respective commitments abroad or health-related matters. Once these circumstances changed or resolved themselves accordingly, Angie Motshekga resumed her role exclusively as Minister of Basic Education while allowing space for normal presidential duties under elected leaders.

This act demonstrates how government structures are designed with contingency plans so that essential functions can continue even when key figures are temporarily absent from duty. The selection process considered factors such as experience, competence, political standing within ANC ranks along with adherence towards constitutional protocols governing succession arrangements at times like these.

Controversies and Criticisms

During her tenure as Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga has faced several controversies and criticisms. These incidents have sparked public debate and raised concerns about the state of education in South Africa.

Textbook Delivery Controversy

One significant controversy that surrounded Motshekga was related to the delivery of textbooks to schools. In 2012, it came to light that many schools in Limpopo province had not received their required textbooks for subjects such as mathematics, science, and English. This issue caused an uproar among parents, teachers, students, and civil society organizations who criticized the government’s failure to ensure timely textbook deliveries. The situation highlighted systemic challenges within the education system under Motshekga’s leadership.

Rape Comments

Another controversial incident involved comments made by Motshekga regarding rape during a parliamentary committee meeting in 2009. She stated that “boys will be boys” when discussing sexual violence against girls at school premises. Her remarks were widely condemned for perpetuating harmful gender stereotypes while trivializing a serious issue like rape.

Despite these controversies and criticisms surrounding her role as Minister of Basic Education, Motshekga has also undertaken positive initiatives aimed at improving educational outcomes in South Africa. She introduced various policies focused on curriculum development, teacher training programs, and infrastructure upgrades across schools nationwide. These efforts demonstrate her commitment towards addressing key issues affecting learners’ access to quality education throughout the country.

Acting President’s Activities

During her time as the Acting President of South Africa, Angie Motshekga has been involved in several notable activities and engagements. Here are some highlights:

1. Visit to the Family of a Deceased Member:

On November 23, 2022, Angie Motshekga visited the family of a deceased member of the Presidential Protection Services (PPS) who tragically lost their life in a vehicle accident while traveling as part of Deputy President David Mabuza’s convoy. This visit took place in Mbombela, Mpumalanga Province. As an expression of condolences and support during this difficult time for the family, she personally extended her sympathies on behalf of both herself and the nation.

2. Wishing Speedy Recovery:

In addition to visiting with grieving families affected by tragic events involving PPS members serving under Deputy President David Mabuza’s protection detail, the acting president also wished for speedy recoveries for two injured PPS members who were involved in that same unfortunate incident.

3. Other Engagements:

While specific details about other activities or engagements undertaken by Angie Motshekga during her tenure as Acting President may not be available from these external sources at this moment, it is important to note that being appointed as an acting president entails fulfilling various responsibilities related to governance and decision-making processes within government structures.

Please Note: The information provided above is based on available data from external sources mentioned earlier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Why was Angie Motshekga appointed as Acting President?

Answer: Angie Motshekga was appointed as Acting President because both the President, Cyril Ramaphosa, and Deputy President David Mabuza were unavailable. The appointment took place on July 2, 2021 when President Ramaphosa attended a state funeral in Zambia and Deputy President Mabuza received medical treatment in Russia.

Question 2: How long will she serve as Acting President?

Answer: Angie Motshekga’s appointment as Acting president is temporary and specific to the situation mentioned above. Once either the president or deputy president becomes available again, her role as acting president comes to an end.

Question 3: What are some of the controversies surrounding her?

– One controversy that has surrounded Angie Motsekgha during her tenure is related to textbook delivery issues. There have been instances where schools did not receive textbooks on time or at all.
– Another controversy involved comments she made about rape which sparked public outrage.
It should be noted that while these controversies exist, they do not define her entire career nor negate any positive achievements or initiatives undertaken by Minister Motsekgha.

Note: The content for each question has been developed based on information provided from external sources without being reviewed or edited.


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