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Who Is Puff Chatsworth Gangster?

Quick Summary

Brandon “Puff” Kalicharan was a notorious gang boss in Durban, South Africa, known for his involvement in the 11th Street Gang in Chatsworth. He built a drug distribution empire through violent activities and had ties to various street gangs. Despite being investigated by the police, he managed to evade charges due to alleged corruption. Kalicharan’s extravagant lifestyle and assassination, along with his wife and child, have left a void in the Chatsworth underworld, raising questions about his legacy and the ongoing fight against gang-related activities in the area.


Brandon “Puff” Kalicharan was a notorious gang boss in Durban, South Africa. He gained infamy as the leader of the 11th Street Gang, named after the unit in Chatsworth where he hailed from. Known for his involvement in drug distribution and violent activities, Kalicharan built an empire by eliminating rivals through drive-by shootings and other acts of violence.

His extravagant lifestyle included owning expensive cars, throwing flashy parties, and wearing high-end clothing. With ties to various street gangs in Durban, including the Cartel Gang in Wentworth, Puff Chatsworth became a prominent figure within criminal circles.

However glamorous his life may have seemed on social media with videos showcasing lavishness or pictures associating him with leaders of different gangs; it ultimately came to a tragic end when Brandon “Puff” Kalicharan was killed alongside his wife Jeconiah Naidoo-Kalicharan and their nine-year-old daughter Jecaida during what appeared to be a targeted shooting.

The motive behind this brutal act remains unknown at present but given that Puff Chatsworth had been under police scrutiny due to suspected involvement in drug-related activities along with being considered one among several persons-of-interest connected to local gang operations according authorities – there are many potential suspects who could have wanted him dead.

Who is Puff Chatsworth Gangster?

Brandon “Puff” Kalicharan was a notorious gang boss in Durban, South Africa. He gained infamy as the leader of the 11th Street Gang, named after the unit in Chatsworth where he hailed from. Known for his involvement in drug distribution and violent activities, Kalicharan built an empire through ruthless tactics.

Rise to Power

Kalicharan’s rise to power began in the early 2000s when he started working for a clothing shop owner involved in a drug racket. After this individual’s demise, Kalicharan took over control of the Chatsworth underworld and expanded his operations into a lucrative drug wholesale business.

Connections and Associations

Not only did Puff gain notoriety within his own gang but also established ties with various street gangs across Durban. One such association included connections with members of Cartel Gang based out of Wentworth area.

Extravagant Lifestyle

What set him apart from other criminals was his extravagant lifestyle that flaunted wealth acquired through illicit means. Owning expensive cars, throwing flashy parties adorned by high-end fashion choices became synonymous with Brandon “Puff” Kalicharan’s persona.

Online Presence

However infamous he may have been on social media platforms like TikTok or Instagram posting videos showcasing lavish lifestyles associating himself alongside leaders belonging to different criminal organizations; it ultimately led authorities closer towards apprehending him due to increased visibility online.

The Rise to Power

Brandon “Puff” Kalicharan’s rise to power in the Chatsworth underworld began in the early 2000s. He started working for a clothing shop owner who was involved in a drug racket. This provided him with an opportunity to learn about the illicit trade and gain connections within the criminal world.

After his mentor, Kelvin “Kellys” Naidoo, was murdered in 2008, Kalicharan seized control of Naidoo’s operations and expanded them significantly. He transformed what had been primarily a front for drug distribution into a full-fledged drug wholesale business.

Kalicharan used various tactics to solidify his position as one of Durban’s most notorious gangsters. One key strategy he employed was gaining popularity on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Through these channels, he showcased his extravagant lifestyle filled with luxury cars, flashy parties, expensive clothes from high-end brands like Versace or Gucci – all symbols of wealth that appealed not only to fellow criminals but also garnered attention from wider audiences.

In addition to cultivating an online persona through social media posts featuring stacks of cash and designer accessories, Puff Chatsworth Gangster actively associated himself with leaders from different gangs across Durban cityscape, further enhancing both reputation credibility among peers while simultaneously expanding influence networks throughout local communities where they operated their respective territories.

Investigation and Corruption Allegations

The KwaZulu-Natal Anti-Gang Unit has been actively investigating Brandon “Puff” Kalicharan since 2020. As a notorious gang boss in Durban, South Africa, he was on their radar due to his involvement in drug distribution and violent activities within the Chatsworth area.

However, there have been allegations of corruption within the police force that allowed Kalicharan to evade charges for an extended period. These allegations suggest that certain individuals within law enforcement may have turned a blind eye or even colluded with him.

Despite these challenges, authorities are determined to bring justice for Puff’s crimes. Following his assassination alongside his wife and child in a targeted shooting incident, an ongoing investigation is underway. The motive behind this brutal act remains unknown at present.

Given Puff’s notoriety as a gang leader involved in various criminal activities throughout Durban, there are numerous potential suspects who could be responsible for orchestrating such an attack against him. His enemies were plentiful due to rivalries stemming from territorial disputes over drug trafficking operations.

Law enforcement agencies are leaving no stone unturned as they work tirelessly towards identifying those accountable for this tragic event while also unraveling any possible connections between corrupt officials and organized crime networks operating under Puff’s influence.

As investigations progress further into uncovering the truth surrounding both Puff’s criminal empire and alleged collusion with members of law enforcement circles; it is hoped that transparency will prevail so that justice can ultimately be served.

Funeral and Legacy

The funeral service for Brandon “Puff” Kalicharan, his wife Jeconiah Naidoo-Kalicharan, and their nine-year-old daughter Jecaida was a flashy but somber affair that captured the attention of many. The coffins used during the ceremony were Versace-inspired and adorned with dollar bills, guns, as well as pictures of the couple wearing jewelry and fur. Jecaida’s coffin had images depicting her smiling face along with her favorite cartoons.

Brandon Kalicharan was known to be deeply involved in drug distribution activities within Chatsworth. As the leader of the 11th Street Gang, he played a significant role in supplying drugs to various street gangs across Durban. His influence extended beyond just criminal activities; it also impacted communities within Chatsworth.

Impact on Chatsworth

During his reign as a gang boss, Kalicharan instilled fear among residents through violent acts such as drive-by shootings aimed at eliminating rival factions operating in Chatsworth area. This notoriety earned him both respect from some quarters while others lived under constant threat due to his presence.

While Puff may have been celebrated by certain individuals who admired or feared him because of his lavish lifestyle – owning expensive cars like Lamborghinis or Ferraris – throwing extravagant parties filled with opulence where money flowed freely- there is no denying that this ostentatious display only served to further glorify an already dangerous figurehead within South Africa’s underworld scene.

However controversially influential he might have been perceived on social media platforms posting videos showcasing wealth alongside associating himself closely amongst leaders representing different gangs throughout Durban region including Cartel Gang based out Wentworth township located south-eastern part city near Bluff peninsula which borders Indian Ocean coastline stretching towards Mozambique Channel waters off eastern coast continent itself before curving back westwards again until reaching Namibia Angola Atlantic seaboard territories respectively thereby forming southernmost tip African continent known as Cape Good Hope.

Reflection and Legacy

The funeral service for the Kalicharan family was a stark reminder of the impact that individuals like Puff have on communities. While some mourned their loss, others saw it as an opportunity to reflect on the consequences of gang-related activities and drug distribution within Chatsworth. The extravagant display during their final send-off served as both a spectacle and a somber reflection of how deeply rooted these issues are in society.

As investigations into Brandon “Puff” Kalicharan’s assassination continue, his legacy remains one filled with controversy and fear. His involvement in drugs and gangs left lasting scars not only on those directly affected but also on entire neighborhoods struggling to break free from this cycle of violence. It is crucial for authorities to address these underlying problems while providing support systems aimed at preventing future generations from falling victim to similar circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Who killed Puff Chatsworth Gangster?

The investigation into the assassination of Brandon “Puff” Kalicharan, his wife Jeconiah Naidoo-Kalicharan, and their daughter Jecaida is still ongoing. At this point, no official information has been released regarding the identity of the individuals responsible for their deaths.

Question 2: What were the motives behind his assassination?

The motive behind Brandon “Puff” Kalicharan’s assassination remains unknown. However, given his involvement in drug and gang-related activities in Chatsworth as well as his numerous enemies within these circles, it is speculated that rival gangs or individuals seeking revenge may be involved.

Question 3: How did he gain power and influence in the Chatsworth underworld?

Brandon “Puff” Kalicharan began building his empire by working for a clothing shop owner involved in a drug racket during the early 2000s. After taking over operations following Kelvin “Kellys” Naidoo’s murder in 2008, he expanded into wholesale drug distribution while associating with leaders from various street gangs. His extravagant lifestyle on social media further solidified his reputation among criminal networks.

Question 4: What is the significance of the 11th Street Gang?

The 11th Street Gang was led by Brandon “Puff” Kalicharan himself. The gang operated primarily in the Chatsworth eastern suburbs of Durban and was involved in drug trafficking activities. They supplied drugs to other street gangs across Durban, making them a significant force within the South African gang sphere.

Question 5: What is the KwaZulu-Natal Anti-Gang Unit doing to combat gang-related activities in the area?

The KwaZulu-Natal Anti-Gang Unit (AGU) has been actively investigating gang-related activities in the area. They have focused on gathering intelligence, conducting raids and arrests, as well as collaborating with other law enforcement agencies to dismantle criminal networks. The AGU’s efforts aim to disrupt gang operations and ensure public safety.

Question 6: Are there any ongoing investigations into his associates or rivals?

As part of the investigation into Brandon “Puff” Kalicharan’s assassination, it is likely that authorities are also looking into his associates and rivals within the Chatsworth underworld. However, specific details regarding these ongoing investigations have not been made publicly available at this time.

Question 7: How did corruption within the police force affect the case against Kalicharan?

There were allegations of corruption within South Africa’s police force which allegedly allowed Brandon “Puff” Kalicharan to evade charges related to drug trafficking and other illegal activities for an extended period of time. These alleged corrupt practices hindered previous attempts by law enforcement agencies such as KwaZulu-Natal Anti-Gang Unit (AGU) from successfully prosecuting him.

Question 8: What is the current state of gang-related activities in Chatsworth after his death?

The impact of Brandon “Puff” Kalicharan’s death on the Chatsworth eastern suburbs is still being assessed. While his assassination may have created a vacuum in leadership within the gang sphere, it remains uncertain whether this has led to a decline in gang-related activities or if new gangs are emerging to fill that void. Law enforcement agencies continue to work to combat and disrupt criminal networks in the region.


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