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Where Is Secunda?

Quick Summary

Secunda is a town located in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa, known for its coalfields and the Sasol Synfuels plant. It has a unique layout, with residential quarter cells bordered by main routes and green strips, making it pedestrian and cyclist-friendly. The town’s economy is primarily driven by the oil-from-coal industry, and it offers various amenities and facilities for its diverse population.


Secunda is a town located in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa. It gained its name from being the second Sasol extraction refinery producing oil from coal, with the first one situated in Sasolburg. Secunda is renowned for its vast coalfields and houses the largest coal liquefaction plant globally, known as Sasol Synfuels.

One notable aspect of Secunda is its unique layout featuring residential quarter cells bordered by main routes and green strips. This design makes it pedestrian and cyclist-friendly while adding to the aesthetic appeal of the town. Additionally, Secunda boasts several remarkable landmarks such as massive cooling towers and high chimneys associated with its thriving oil-from-coal industry.

With a population of approximately 40,198 people, Secunda offers various amenities including schools, a sports stadium, library facilities, a shopping mall, casino, and even hosts parkrun events. The pleasant climate during summer months sees an average temperature around 26.5°C; however, winters can be cold with frosty mornings where temperatures may drop below -10°C.

The economy in this vibrant town primarily revolves around industries related to oil-from-coal production. Sasol Synfuels serves as one major employer within these sectors. Coal mining operations also play their part, supplying essential resources required by the Sasol synfuel plant. In terms of diversity, the population of Secunda is quite varied with the majority being White (71%), followed by Black African (20%), Coloured (3%), Indian/Asian (3%), and Other (.7%). The primary languages spoken are Afrikaans (69.5%), English (13.3%), Zulu (6.5%), Sotho (2.5%), and Other (8.1%) along with other local dialects.

Location and Geography

Secunda is a town located in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa. It is situated in the Gert Sibande District Municipality and forms part of the Govan Mbeki Local Municipality.

Geographical Location

Geographically, Secunda lies approximately 180 kilometers east of Johannesburg. The town sits on an elevated plateau between two rivers, namely the Vaal River to its north and west, and the Klip River to its south. This strategic location provides easy access to water resources for both industrial purposes as well as recreational activities.

Coalfields and Mining

Surrounded by vast coalfields, Secunda has become synonymous with coal mining operations over time. These mines supply coal directly to Sasol Synfuels plant – one of Secunda’s major economic drivers known for being one of the largest coal liquefaction plants globally.

Topography and Landscape

In terms of topography, Secunda features rolling hills covered with grasslands that extend into farmlands surrounding it. The landscape offers picturesque views along with opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy hiking or exploring nature trails within this scenic region.


The climate in Secunda can be described as temperate subtropical due to its inland position away from coastal influences. The summers are generally warm-to-hot characterized by temperatures averaging around 26°C (78°F). Winters tend towards cooler conditions where frost may occur during colder months when temperatures drop below freezing point at times (-10°C/14°F).

Overall, the geographical positioning combined with natural surroundings make Secunda a unique destination offering diverse experiences ranging from industrial tours to enjoying beautiful landscapes and engaging in various outdoor activities.

History and Development

Secunda, a town located in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa, has an interesting history that traces back to its establishment and subsequent growth. The town’s development is closely tied to the significance of the Sasol extraction refinery.

In 1974, Secunda was named after being designated as the second Sasol extraction refinery producing oil from coal. The first one was established in Sasolburg. This marked a significant milestone for both Secunda and South Africa as it showcased their capabilities in utilizing coal resources for energy production.

The establishment of this major industrial facility brought about rapid growth and development within Secunda. As more infrastructure was built around the plant, including residential areas for employees working at Sasol Synfuels (the largest coal liquefaction plant globally), new opportunities emerged for businesses and residents alike.


With increasing demand for synthetic fuels derived from coal during apartheid-era sanctions on imported crude oil products, there were expansions made to accommodate growing production needs.

Technological advancements

Throughout its existence, technological innovations played a crucial role in improving efficiency at various stages of fuel synthesis processes carried out by SASOL – such developments helped secure long-term viability while reducing environmental impact associated with traditional fossil-fuel-based industries like mining or refining petroleum derivatives elsewhere worldwide.

Diversification efforts

In recent years, diversifying beyond just petrochemicals into other sectors became important goals set forth not only due to economic reasons but also social ones too. These include job creation initiatives aimed towards addressing unemployment rates among historically disadvantaged communities residing in nearby towns surrounding them, which had been heavily reliant upon extractive activities themselves before transitioning away over the past decades. This transition was made possible through investments attracted through projects undertaken here since inception, making it possible to transition economies based primarily on natural resource exploitation alone, which is no longer sustainable given the finite nature inherent therein without alternative sources of revenue generation being sought out concurrently alongside existing ones already present thereat.

Secunda’s history is a testament to the town’s resilience and adaptability in response to changing economic landscapes. Today, it stands as an industrial hub with a thriving economy driven by the oil-from-coal industry and supported by coal mining operations supplying raw materials for the Sasol Synfuels plant.

Economy and Industries

Secunda is primarily known for its thriving oil-from-coal industry, which serves as a major economic driver in the town. The Sasol Synfuels plant, located in Secunda, is the largest coal liquefaction plant globally. This facility plays a crucial role in converting coal into various petroleum products.

The oil-from-coal process involves extracting hydrocarbons from coal through advanced technology developed by Sasol. These hydrocarbons are then used to produce synthetic fuels such as gasoline, diesel fuel, and jet fuel. The production of these alternative fuels not only reduces South Africa’s dependence on imported crude oil but also contributes significantly to the country’s energy security.

In addition to the oil-from-coal industry, Secunda benefits from extensive coal mining operations that supply raw materials to support the activities at Sasol Synfuels plant. Coal extraction takes place within close proximity of Secunda due to abundant reserves found in Mpumalanga province.

Apart from these primary industries driving Secunda’s economy, there may be other significant sectors contributing towards local employment opportunities and growth; however, they do not hold comparable prominence compared with those related directly or indirectly with fossil-fuel processing plants like Sasol Synfuels.

Population and Culture

Secunda is a vibrant town in South Africa with a diverse population. The demographics of Secunda reflect the multicultural nature of the country. According to recent statistics, the majority of residents in Secunda are White (71.9%), followed by Black African (20.6%), Coloured (3.8%), Indian/Asian (3.0%), and Other ethnic groups making up 0.

In terms of language composition, Afrikaans is widely spoken as it accounts for 69% percent usage among locals while English follows at around 13%. Zulu speakers make up about 6%, Sotho speakers account for approximately %2.%5 ,and other languages constitute roughly %.1%.

The cultural fabric of Secunda reflects its diverse population mix, resulting in an interesting blend that adds richness to everyday life within the community. Residents take pride in their heritage and celebrate various traditions throughout the year.


One notable event celebrated annually is “Secundafest,” which showcases local talent through music performances, art exhibitions, and food stalls offering traditional cuisine from different cultures represented within this melting pot city. The festival attracts visitors from neighboring towns who come together to enjoy live entertainment, dance competitions, cultural displays, and much more. It’s truly a celebration where people can experience unity amidst diversity.

Religious Observances

Another significant tradition observed by many residents includes attending religious services on Sundays or participating actively during Ramadan if they follow Islam. These practices provide individuals with opportunities not only for spiritual growth but also social interaction amongst fellow believers sharing similar beliefs regardless race or ethnicity background.

Musical Heritage

Furthermore, the rich history surrounding coal mining has influenced some aspects of culture such as folk songs sung by miners working deep underground. This unique musical genre known locally as ‘minstrelsy’ continues to be passed down through generations, preserving the legacy of the hardworking men and women who contributed to the development of the region over the years. Miners often gather after work hours to share stories and experiences, creating a strong sense of camaraderie and solidarity in the face of challenges associated with the industry.

Overall, the population of Secunda is diverse in cultural backgrounds, which contributes to the vibrant atmosphere of the town.

Attractions and Amenities

Secunda offers a range of amenities and facilities that cater to the needs of its residents and visitors. Whether you’re looking for educational institutions, entertainment venues, or recreational spaces, Secunda has something for everyone.


Secunda boasts several schools that provide quality education to students in the area. These include primary schools, high schools, as well as private institutions. Parents can rest assured knowing their children have access to excellent educational opportunities within the town.

Sports Stadium:

For sports enthusiasts or those who enjoy watching live events, Secunda’s sports stadium is a popular destination. The stadium hosts various sporting activities throughout the year including soccer matches and athletics competitions. It provides an exciting atmosphere where locals come together to support their favorite teams.


The library in Secunda serves as a hub for knowledge seekers with its extensive collection of books across different genres and subjects. Visitors can explore literature from around the world or delve into local history through historical archives available at this facility.

Shopping Mall:

If shopping therapy is what you seek during your visit to Secunda, look no further than its modern shopping mall which houses numerous retail stores offering fashion apparel brands both local and international along with electronics shops catering all tech-savvy individuals’ desires under one roof!


Those seeking some excitement after dark will find it at Secuda’s casino! This vibrant establishment features slot machines games tables providing endless hours fun gambling experiences accompanied by lively music performances making sure there never dull moment here!

Parkrun Event:

Outdoor enthusiasts are not left out either – every Saturday morning sees runners gather at Parkrun event held in beautiful surroundings near Sasol Lake Dam just outside town limits; participants get chance exercise while enjoying scenic views nature trails surrounding them creating perfect setting start weekend off right way!

Tourist attractions & Landmarks:

While primarily known for its industrial presence, Secuda also offers tourists unique landmarks worth exploring. One such landmark is the massive cooling towers and high chimneys associated with the oil-from-coal industry. These structures are not only impressive in size but also serve as a symbol of Secunda’s industrial prowess.

Recreational Activities:

For those who enjoy outdoor activities, Secuda has plenty to offer. The town boasts well-maintained parks where families can have picnics or go for leisurely walks. The nearby Sasol Lake Dam provides opportunities for fishing, boating, and other water-based recreational activities. Additionally, nature lovers will appreciate exploring the surrounding areas which feature beautiful landscapes and hiking trails that showcase South Africa’s natural beauty at its finest.

In conclusion, Secunda offers an array of amenities and attractions that cater to various interests. Whether you’re looking for educational facilities, entertainment venues like casinos or sports stadiums; shopping malls filled with retail stores offering diverse products from fashion apparel brands both local & international along electronics shops catering all tech-savvy individuals’ desires under one roof! Or if you prefer spending time outdoors enjoying scenic views while engaging in recreational pursuits – there is something here for everyone!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What is the population of Secunda?

Answer: Secunda has a population of approximately 40,198 people.

Question 2: What is the climate like in Secunda?

Answer: During summer, Secunda experiences a pleasant climate with an average temperature of around 26.5°C. Winters can be cold with frost and temperatures dropping as low as -10°C.

Question 3: What are the main industries in Secunda?

Answer: The primary industry driving the economy in Secunda is the oil-from-coal sector, with Sasol Synfuels being a major employer. The town also benefits from coal mining operations that supply coal to support these industries.

Question 4: What languages are spoken in Secunda?

Answer: In terms of language diversity, Afrikaans (69.5%) and English (13.3%) are widely spoken by residents living there. Other significant languages include Zulu (6.5%), Sotho (2.25%), and other minority languages making up about 8% of speakers.

Question 5: Are there any tourist attractions in Secunda?

Answer: Yes! There are several notable landmarks and attractions worth visiting while you’re in Secunda. Some popular ones include the massive cooling towers associated with its oil-from-coal industry and high chimneys, which have become iconic symbols for this area.

Question 6: What amenities and facilities are available in Secunda?

Answer: Secunda offers various amenities such as schools, a sports stadium, a library, a shopping mall, a casino, and even a parkrun event where locals gather every weekend morning to run or walk together through scenic routes within their community.

Question 7: How do I get to Secunda?

Answer: Getting to Secunda depends on your starting point. If coming from outside South Africa, you would need to fly into Johannesburg’s OR Tambo International Airport before taking either a bus service or car rental to drive down to the Mpumalanga province where Secunda is located. If you are already within South Africa, you can either drive or take a bus to reach this town.

Question 8: Is Secunda a safe place to visit?

Answer: Yes, Secunda is generally considered a safe place for visitors. Like any other city, it’s always advisable to exercise caution and be aware of your surroundings, but overall crime rates are relatively low in the area.

Question 9: What is the history of Secunda?

Answer: Secunda was named after being the second Sasol extraction refinery producing oil from coal, with the first one being in Sasolburg. It has grown into an important industrial hub over the years thanks to its strategic location near abundant natural resources such as rich coal deposits, which have been mined since the early days of settlement here.

Question 10: Are there any cultural events or festivals in Secunda?

Answer: Yes! There are several cultural events and festivals that take place throughout the year in Secunda. These include music concerts, art exhibitions, food fairs showcasing local cuisine, and traditional celebrations like Heritage Day, where residents come together to celebrate their diverse heritage.


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