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When I Remember What The Lord Has Done Lyrics?

The Meaning Behind the Hymn

When I Remember What The Lord Has Done is a popular hymn among Christian denominations in South Africa. It speaks of God’s faithfulness, and how far He has brought us as believers. This song encourages us to take time to reflect on what the Lord has done in our lives, no matter how difficult things may seem at times.

The lyrics of this hymn were written by William Gadsby (1773-1844), an English Evangelist who was renowned for his preaching and writing amongst British Christians during the 19th century. In many ways, this hymn conveys Gadsby’s own experience with God’s faithfulness over a lifetime of spiritual growth and service to Him: “When I remember what the Lord hath done/And think upon His grace/He made me feel like one redeemed from death/And snatched me from that place…”


Verse 1:
When I remember what the Lord hath done,
And think upon His grace;
He made me feel like one redeemed from death,
And snatched me from that place;
Then shall my soul with holy rapture rise— O bless His precious name! —To praise Him for those thousand mercies given,— All smiles around proclaim!

Chorus: O bless His precious name! Bless it today— Say amen while you sing! Praise Him for every mercy given,— Then say Amen again.

Verse 2: When evil thoughts within my heart arise,— To tempt my soul away; How kind He was to bring deliverance— From sin’s destructive sway; Thus will I ever trust in Jesus’ blood,— That cleanseth all our stains; And let my grateful heart be stilled,— To pour forth praises then. Chorus repeats

Verse 3: Though Satan oft doth cast his darts around,— To drive my feet astray; Yet through that mighty arm so strong which holds—— My path secure each day; While o’er life’s rugged way we journey on—— Through storms or sunshine clear— We’ll shout salvation louder yet.—– At length obtain a crown up there!. Chorus repeats


When I Remember What The Lord Has Done is an uplifting reminder of God’s goodness throughout our lives when we are faithful to Him and seek His guidance each step of the way. May these words encourage us all to pause and give thanks for all He has done as we journey through life together!

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