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What Network Is 064?


South Africa is home to a variety of mobile network providers that offer various services. One of these networks is called 064, and it provides people with access to the internet, SMS messaging, airtime top-up and more. In this article we’ll take a look at what 064 is and how it can benefit South African users.

What Is Network 064?

Network 064 (or simply “064”) is one of the main South African cellular networks owned by Cell C Ltd., which also owns the prepaid service known as Top Up Plus. It offers both 2G and 3G coverage throughout most parts of South Africa, including rural areas where other carriers may not have coverage or charge high roaming fees for using their services in those locations.

The network’s services are accessible through either pre-paid SIM cards or monthly contract plans depending on your needs or budget. You can get an unlimited data plan from R99 per month with 20GB night surfer data included plus 10GB WhatsApp bundles every week until you reach 200GB. Its voice call rates start at just 25c/min with no call setup charges so you can stay connected without breaking the bank!

Additionally, customers who purchase any new phone from Cell C stores will receive 6 months free access to their LTE Wi-Fi Hotspots throughout South Africa so they don’t need to worry about finding public hotspots when travelling around the country – perfect for staying connected while on vacation!

Benefits Of Using Network 064

One of the biggest advantages offered by Network 064 is its low cost compared to other carriers in South Africa such as Vodacom and MTN which often have higher prices for similar packages. This makes it ideal for budget conscious consumers who want quality service but don’t want to pay too much for it – especially if they live in rural areas where accessing other networks could be difficult or expensive due to lack of infrastructure or roaming fees imposed by some operators outside their own zone .

Furthermore, since they provide both 2G & 3G connectivity across most parts of SA; customers won’t experience slow speeds like those associated with 4G LTE connections when moving between different cell towers located far apart.. This ensures that they always have reliable network coverage no matter where they are located within our borders! And lastly; all prepaid plans come bundled with freebies such as daily social media bonuses up 100MBs worth each day which helps keep costs down even further while still enjoying great value out their service offerings .


In conclusion , Network 064 has several benefits over its competitors that make them a viable choice for many south africans looking for quality yet affordable mobile services . They boast strong nationwide coverage , competitive pricing & generous data allowances that help stretch your money further than what’s typically available elsewhere . So whether you’re living in town , suburbia , countryside or anywhere else ; taking advantage off all these perks should certainly be considered if you’re after getting maximum bang out your buck !

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