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What Is Size 36 In Shoes In South Africa?

What Is Size 36 In Shoes In South Africa?

Finding the right shoe size can be a challenge, especially if you are shopping from an international retailer or trying to buy shoes online. This is especially true when it comes to sizing for South African shoppers. To make sure you get the perfect fit, it’s important to know what each size code means and how they compare with other sizes across the world. So what is size 36 in shoes in South Africa?

South African Shoe Sizes Explained

In South Africa, shoe sizes are measured using a system based on centimeters rather than alphanumeric codes like UK/US sizes. The measurement starts at 0cm and goes up by 1cm increments until 12cm (which is equal to size 11). After that point, instead of going up by 1cm increments, each new size adds 2 cm instead of one (13 = 14 cm; 15 = 16 cm). The biggest available shoe size in this system is 25 which equals 29 cm.

Shoes Size Conversion Chart

To help make things easier when converting between different sizing systems, here’s a handy chart that shows how various sizes compare:

25 7 38-39 29
26 7 ½ 39-40 30
27 8 40-41 31
28 8 ½ 41-42 32
29 9 42 33
30 10 43 34

What Is Size 36 In Shoes In South Africa?

As you can see from the chart above, size 36 in shoes would correspond with a SA size of 28 – which translates to 32 cm according to this sizing system. This means that if you were looking for shoes sized as “36” then you should be searching for those labeled as “size 28” when shopping in South Africa.




(1)So there you have it – now that we know what is size 36 in shoes in South Africa all we need do is find some great styles! Whether your style preference leans more towards sneakers or heels there will always be something out there for everyone so don’t forget to check out local retailers too.

(2)Happy Shopping!

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