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What Is Moi?

What Is Moi?

Moi is a South African mobile payment platform that makes it easy and secure to send or receive payments. It enables users to make and receive payments using their phones, without the need for any physical infrastructure such as cards or cash. With Moi, customers can quickly transfer money between individuals, pay bills, buy airtime and data, purchase digital products online and more – all from one convenient app.

How Does It Work?

Moi works by connecting the user’s bank account with their phone number. This link allows customers to easily move money into their Moi wallet which they can then use to make payments instantly from within the app itself. All transactions are securely processed over a secure connection meaning your information is always safe when making purchases through Moi. Payments made through the app are almost instant – so no waiting around!

Benefits of Using Moi

There are many benefits of using the Moi payment system:

• Fast & Secure Transactions: With its secure connection mode, all transactions made on Moi are fast and reliable;

• Accessibility: Customers don’t need access to physical infrastructure like cards or cash in order to use this service;

• Easy To Use Interface: The interface of this application is simple enough for anyone who’s familiar with basic technology tools;

• Versatility: You can transfer funds between individual accounts or companies/organizations as well as pay utility bills directly from your phone;

• Lower Fees than traditional methods: When compared to other means of transferring money online (bank transfers etc.) there are minimal fees associated with using this service due mainly because you don’t have banks involved in processing your transaction which results in lower costs for both sender and receiver.


Overall, if you’re looking for an easy-to-use tool that provides quick and reliable mobile payments services then look no further than Moi! With its low fees structure combined with its versatility it’s become one of South Africa’s most popular payment options – perfect whether you’re sending money locally or abroad!

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