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What Is Granulated Sugar In South Africa?

What Is Granulated Sugar?

Granulated sugar, also known as table sugar or white sugar, is a common type of sweetener used all over the world. It is produced from the juice of either sugar cane or sugar beets and then refined to remove impurities such as molasses. The result is small crystals which have a very sweet taste and are easy to dissolve in cold and hot liquids alike.

Types Of Granulated Sugar

Depending on its origin and refinement process, granulated sugar comes in many different types that vary in color (from light yellowish to dark brown) and texture (finely-grained to coarse). Regular granulated white sugars are widely available but there are also varieties like organic raw cane sugars with their distinctive caramel notes, coconut palm sugars made from sap tapped from tropical palms, Demerara brown sugars with their crunchy larger grains – just to name a few.

Granulated Sugar In South Africa

In South Africa, granulated sugar can be found easily at most supermarkets or stores selling baking supplies. Common brands include Golden Cloud (golden yellow color), Sunshine Sweet (brown color) and White Star (white/ivory color). Most of these products come in various sizes ranging from 500g – 5kg bags but some even offer bulk packages for those who need large amounts for commercial use or catering services. Aside from traditional table/granular sugary flavors; there’s also flavored options such as vanilla bean flavoured one too!

Uses For Granulated Sugar In South Africa

Granular/table/white sugar has many uses beyond just sprinkling it onto food items like cereals, fruits etc.. You could add it into coffee beverages for an extra sweet kick; use it when baking cakes & cookies; create simple syrups & marinades by combining melted butter + water + salt + spices etc.; make caramels & candy bars by boiling together cream+milk+sugar until thickened…the possibilities really do depend on your imagination! As far as health goes: Moderation should always be practiced when using this popular ingredient so that you don’t exceed recommended daily intakes set by nutritionists worldwide .

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