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What Is Fet College?

What Is Fet College?

FET College stands for Further Education and Training, and it is a college-level educational institution in South Africa. FET Colleges offer courses ranging from vocational to academic qualifications through their various faculties. The aim of an FET college is to provide skills training and education pathways that will help learners to become employable or pursue further learning opportunities.

Who Can Attend an FET College?

Any learner over the age of 16 who has completed Grade 9 may apply to attend an FET college, regardless of whether they have passed matriculation exams or not. Admission requirements vary by course, but all applicants must meet minimum entrance requirements set out by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET).

Benefits Of Attending An FET College

Attending an FET college can provide many benefits for students looking to start their career or further their studies:

  • Learners are able to gain practical, industry relevant knowledge in their chosen area.
  • Flexible study options allow learners access to higher education without having to commit full time.
  • Accessible fees make it easier for those with limited funds.
  • Learners receive support from dedicated tutors while studying at the college.
  • The option to progress onto university after completing a course at an FET college helps students achieve greater success in future studies.

Types Of Qualifications Offered By An Fet College

At most colleges there are two distinct categories of qualification offered: Vocational Qualifications (NQF Levels 2 – 4) and Academic Qualifications (NQF Levels 5 – 6+). Both types focus on providing learners with the necessary skills needed in today’s competitive job market. Academic qualifications involve more theoretical knowledge as opposed to vocational qualifications which focus on developing practical work-related skills. These qualifications range from certificates up until diplomas depending on what level you complete your studies at; some colleges even offer degrees such as Bachelor’s Degrees in certain fields like Business Management.


If you’re looking for a way into tertiary education then attending a Further Education & Training (Fet) College could be just what you need! With flexible study options, accessible fees and knowledgeable tutors available throughout your journey – gaining valuable life experience through this route could prove invaluable when applying for jobs or pursuing further study opportunities later down the line!

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