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What Is Corn Syrup In South Africa?

What Is Corn Syrup?

Corn syrup is a type of sweetener made from cornstarch. It’s thick and has a mild, slightly sweet flavor that can be used as an alternative to sugar in many recipes. In South Africa, it’s often referred to as glucose syrup or maize syrup and is available at most grocery stores.

Uses Of Corn Syrup In South Africa

In South Africa, corn syrup is commonly used in baking, candymaking and other culinary applications. It’s more stable than table sugar when heated but not as sweet so it can add body to some baked goods such as cakes or cookies without overwhelming the other flavors with sweetness.

It’s also used in commercial food products like candy bars and ice cream where it helps provide texture and consistency while improving shelf life by acting as a preservative. Additionally, due to its viscous nature it prevents crystallization which is why you’ll find corn syrup listed on the ingredients list for many processed foods containing chocolate or caramel sauces.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Corn Syrup As A Sweetener

When considering whether or not you should use corn syrup-based sweeteners over regular sugar there are both advantages and disadvantages you should take into consideration:


• It’s cheaper than alternative sugars so it makes sense if cost savings are important for your recipe or product production process;
• It doesn’t require additional processing steps (such as bleaching) before being sold which means fewer chemicals added;
• It provides better moisture retention compared to granulated sugars;


• Some people may have sensitivities towards glucose syrups which could cause digestive issues; • It contains significantly less nutrients compared to natural unprocessed sugars such as honey; • Heating can cause darkening of color making them unsuitable for light colored desserts; • Its high fructose content means that consuming large amounts could increase the risk of developing obesity related conditions such diabetes 2 etc.;


While there are pros and cons associated with using corn syrups they offer several benefits including affordability convenience improved shelf life plus they’re suitable substitutes for those who need an alternative source of sweetness without having access to traditional refined white sugars

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