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What Is Code 14 Drivers Licence?

What is a Code 14 Drivers Licence?

A Code 14 drivers licence is a South African license that enables the holder to drive vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of over 3500kg. It also permits them to tow trailers or semi-trailers, provided they are not exceeding 9500kg in total. A code 14 driver’s licence requires an additional qualification from the National Driver’s Licensing Authority, which comes with additional tests and assessments.

Eligibility for a Code 14 Drivers Licence

In order to qualify for the Code 14 drivers licence you must be 18 years old or older and have held your full driving license for at least three consecutive years without any suspension or disqualification of your driving privileges. You will also need to pass both theoretical and practical examinations as well as being medically fit by passing an eye test and providing medical certificates confirming that you are healthy enough to operate heavy machinery safely on public roads.

The Benefits of Having a Code 14 Drivers Licence

Having this type of drivers licence opens up numerous career opportunities in South Africa; such as trucking, logistics, emergency services etc. This type of license gives you access to jobs that require more skill than just basic passenger vehicle operation – jobs where large amounts of weight need transporting quickly and safely from one place another like oil tankers, construction materials, food trucks etc.. Additionally most employers prefer employees who have previously obtained their code14 licencing due its strong safety record when compared against other vehicle classifications within South Africa’s transportation system.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost varies depending on what region you live in however typically it can range anywhere between R300 – R600 per lesson plus exam fees ranging from R150 – R200 per assessment taken at the endof each phase . Ultimately obtaining your code14 drivers licencing could take several months before completion but once attained offers numerous job prospects & potential earnings throughout your career going forward!


Code 14 Drivers licences are highly sought after qualifications due it being mandatory requirement by many employers within South Africa’s transportation sector & beyond . Although costly upfront , having this prestigious qualification is definitely worth considering if your looking for employment related benefits including higher wages , job security & ultimately greater confidence behind the wheel !

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