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What Is An Investigative Question?

What Is An Investigative Question?

An investigative question is an important tool used to focus research and find answers. It helps you delve deeper into a topic, uncovering more information and developing a better understanding of the subject matter. It can be used in many different areas including science, history, politics, and media studies. In South Africa specifically, investigative questions are essential for uncovering stories that could otherwise go unnoticed or unreported due to limited resources such as time or money.

Why Do We Need Investigative Questions?

Investigative questions allow us to ask questions that might not have been asked before while providing evidence-based answers with reliable sources. They also help journalists dig deeper into stories and expose injustices or hidden truths that may have gone unnoticed previously. For example, if there was a story about police brutality in Johannesburg but only one side of the story had been reported so far; an investigative journalist could ask an investigative question such as ‘How has this affected other communities in Johannesburg?’ which would provide further insight on the issue from all angles. This type of questioning can also be used when conducting interviews by asking open-ended questions rather than ones with yes/no answers as it allows for more detailed responses which can lead to interesting revelations about any given subject matter.

How Can You Develop Investigative Questions?

Developing effective investigative questions involves identifying what kind of information you want to know about your chosen topic then formulating your question accordingly – making sure it’s clear enough so that respondents understand it without confusion yet specific enough so they don’t feel overwhelmed by its complexity either! Additionally, consider using phrases like ‘how’ and ‘why’ at the beginning of each query since these tend to yield better responses than those starting with words like ‘do’ or ‘are’. Finally try rephrasing your original inquiry if necessary until you get just the right wording that works best for both yourself and others involved!


Investigate questions are important tools for journalists looking for truth behind various stories around South Africa (and beyond). By taking some time to develop well thought out queries beforehand – ensuring they meet certain criteria such as clarity & specificity – one can ensure their research yields maximum results!

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