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What Is A Goal In Life Orientation?

What Is Life Orientation?

Life Orientation is a course offered in South African schools that focuses on helping students develop skills they need to make informed decisions and pursue healthy lifestyles. It covers topics such as mental health, substance abuse, stress management, sexual health, decision-making, goal setting and career development. The aim of the subject is to equip young people with the tools necessary for them to become productive citizens who can lead meaningful lives.

Why Is Life Orientation Important?

Life orientation plays an important role in helping children develop into responsible adults by equipping them with valuable life skills. Through this subject students learn how to make well-informed decisions about their own lives and become more aware of their responsibilities within society. This knowledge helps prepare them for future challenges that may arise from both personal and professional settings – such as choosing a suitable career path or managing money wisely. Additionally, it provides essential information related to physical and mental health which aids in preventing diseases or disorders before they manifest themselves later down the line.

How Does Goal Setting Fit Into Life Orientation?

Goal setting is key when it comes to personal development because without clear objectives one cannot measure success nor progress towards it effectively. During Life Orientation classes students are taught about different types of goals (long term/short term) along with strategies on how these goals can be achieved using SMART methodology (Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Timely). This helps encourage individuals to think critically about what they want out of life while also teaching basic problem solving techniques that will come in handy throughout adulthood. Furthermore, being able to create achievable targets also boosts confidence levels which often leads people onto greater things than originally planned!


In conclusion, Life Orientation’s focus on goal setting highlights its importance as a core subject in South Africa’s education system; not only does it provide invaluable insight into making sound decisions but also allows individuals the opportunity to identify what direction best suits their interests while providing strategies on how each individual can achieve their desired outcome most efficiently

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