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What Is A Calendar Months Notice?

What is a Calendar Months Notice?

A calendar month’s notice is an important term that applies to rental agreements in South Africa. It refers to the amount of time, usually one full calendar month, given by either the landlord or tenant when terminating a lease. This notice should be written and submitted according to the terms set out in the agreement between both parties.

Why Is A Calendar Months Notice Important?

It is essential for both landlords and tenants to understand their legal obligations under a rental agreement in order to avoid potential disputes or misunderstandings regarding termination of tenancy. A calendar months notice provides clarity on how much time needs to be given before terminating the contract so that both parties have enough time to make arrangements for alternative accommodation if necessary.

When Does The Tenant Need To Give Notice?

The tenant must give formal written notice at least one full calendar month prior to vacating their property unless specified otherwise in the contract. This allows sufficient time for any deposits held by the landlord due after leaving, such as cleaning costs or damages caused during tenancy, can be deducted from this deposit if applicable.

What Happens If The Tenant Doesn’t Give One Month’s Notice?

If there was no notification given at least one calendar month before vacating then it could result in serious financial penalties being imposed on them by law which would need paying even after they had left their premises. Furthermore, failure of giving adequate notice could also lead them into becoming liable for any future rent payments until another suitable replacement tenant has been found by your landlord – meaning you may end up having overpaid rent if not careful!


In conclusion, understanding what constitutes as a “calendar months’ notice” can save you considerable stress when it comes down it ending your lease agreement with your landlord/tenant. By providing ample notification (one full calendar month) ahead of vacating will allow for all paperwork associated with moving out process go smoothly – making sure nobody gets stuck with hefty penalty fees!

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