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What Is A Calendar Month Notice?

Understanding Calendar Month Notices in South Africa

In the South African rental market, it is common for landlords to have their tenants sign a lease agreement that includes a calendar month notice. But what exactly is this type of notice and why does it exist? This article will explain what calendar month notices are and how they work in the context of the South African rental market.

What Is A Calendar Month Notice?

A calendar month notice is a clause included in most tenancy agreements which requires either party – landlord or tenant – to give one-calendar-month’s written notice if they wish to terminate the agreement before its due date. This gives both parties time to make alternate living arrangements without being left in an awkward situation should either party suddenly decide to terminate the contract. It also allows enough time for any deposits or rent payments made by either side up front (as required) to be refunded at least partially, depending on when during the lease period termination occurs and when payment was initially made upon signing of the agreement .

Why Are They Used In The Rental Market?

Calendar month notices are used as part of standard practice within most tenancy agreements as they provide protection for both tenant and landlord alike. For example, if a tenant wishes to move out after only two months into their 12-month lease term, having a calendar month clause enables them legally do so with minimal disruption from legal proceedings as long as appropriate notification is given according to applicable laws/regulations set forth by local government bodies (in this case: South African law). Similarly, if a landlord needs permanent access/control over their property earlier than expected due unforeseen circumstances then having such clauses provides them with more security knowing that whatever action taken can be done officially through proper channels instead of resorting other methods – i.e., forcibly evicting someone illegally etc..


In conclusion, understanding calendar month notices are important for anyone renting property in South Africa since these clauses provide mutual protection between both landlord and tenant while simultaneously ensuring compliance with relevant local regulations governing such matters. Understanding how these types of agreements work can help avoid potential disputes that may arise due misunderstanding or lack thereof regarding expectations related each party’s respective rights & responsibilities under varying circumstances should early termination become necessary at any point throughout duration contracted term(s).

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