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What Has Teeth But No Mouth?

Have you ever been asked a riddle that left you scratching your head, wondering what the answer could be? One of these perplexing conundrums is “what has teeth but no mouth?” The answer might surprise you. The three objects that fit this description are a saw, comb and gear.

  1. A saw is one of the most common tools found in any home workshop or garage. It’s characterized by its sharp blade made up of many fine serrated teeth which cut through wood and other materials with ease. Even though it has an abundance of teeth, it doesn’t have a mouth to speak off – making it the perfect answer to this tricky question!
  2. The second object on our list is a comb. Combs come in all shapes and sizes and are commonly used for grooming hair or untangling knots. Like saws, combs also have multiple rows of small pointed teeth – although much finer than those found on saw blades – but again lack any kind of oral cavity so they can’t actually say anything!
  3. Finally we come to gears which are an integral part in machines ranging from bicycles to cars (and even clocks!). Gears consist of two circular discs with interlocking ridges or cogs known as ‘teeth’. While these mechanical components help keep things running smoothly, unfortunately they still don’t possess mouths like us humans do!


So there you have it: the answer to this age-old riddle is indeed a saw, comb and gear – three items that contain plenty of teeth yet remain completely mute!

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