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What Does The Motto On The Coat Of Arms Mean?

Overview Of South Africa’s Coat of Arms

South Africa’s coat of arms is one of the most iconic symbols in the country. It features a shield with six different sections, each depicting distinct elements that represent the nation’s history and culture. Atop this shield sits two animals: an antelope on its left and a secretary bird on its right. Below it are two crossed spears topped by a knobkierie or club, as well as an African Protea flower, which is considered to be South Africa’s national flower. Finally, at the very bottom you will find the motto for South African citizens – “!ke e:/xarra //ke” – written in Khoisan language.

Understanding The Motto On The Coat Of Arms

The phrase “!ke e:/xarra //ke” can be translated to mean “diverse people unite” when read from left to right – however when read from right to left it means “unity through diversity”. This motto emphasizes how important unity between all cultures is for creating peace and progress within society. It also serves as reminder that despite our differences we must come together if we want to build a better future for ourselves and those around us .

The Origins Of The Motto

The original version of this phrase was created by former president Nelson Mandela in 1995 during his inaugural address following his election victory. He wanted to capture the spirit of reconciliation he saw throughout South African communities after decades of racial segregation under apartheid rule. Since then, this message has become increasingly popular amongst citizens from all walks of life who strive towards fostering mutual understanding amongst diverse groups within their own localities .

What Does The Motto Mean For Modern-Day Society?

Today, this phrase carries even more significance due to rising political tensions across many countries worldwide related to immigration policies or religious practices that threaten social cohesion among various ethnic communities . As such ,this motto serves as reminder that no matter our backgrounds or beliefs we should always come together in order to create positive change for everyone involved – something especially relevant given current global events .

Ultimately ,the sentiment behind these words carries immense meaning not just here but around world; they remind us that regardless what challenges face us ,we can still achieve great things through collaboration rather than conflict if only choose focus energy on unifying instead dividing forces at work .

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