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What Does Admission Without Status Mean At Tut?

What Is Admission Without Status?

Admission without status is a process that allows students to enroll in courses at Technikon South Africa (TUT) despite not having the required admission requirements, such as the minimum academic qualifications or passing a specific entrance exam. This means that if you don’t meet the normal entry requirements for TUT, but still want to pursue an education there, you can apply through this process and be accepted into certain courses.

Who Can Apply For Admission Without Status?

The admission without status option is open to anyone who meets any of these criteria:
• Students who have previously attempted studies at any institution and failed;
• Students whose results do not meet TUT’s standard entry requirements;
• Applicants who are unable to prove their qualifications due to circumstances beyond their control;
• Older applicants who have been out of school for some time; and/or
• People from disadvantaged backgrounds or special cases.

How Does It Work?

If you believe that your circumstances warrant admission without status consideration, then you must submit an application letter outlining your complete background information including any relevant certificates or awards along with supporting evidence in order to be considered. The application will then need to be reviewed by an admissions committee before it can move forward. If approved by the committee, they will determine what course(s) are suitable for admittance under this program and provide you with instructions on how best to proceed with registration. Once enrolled in a course through this method, students may take part in all activities offered by TUT just like regular enrollees – however certain restrictions may apply depending on the individual situation.

Benefits Of Admission Without Status

There are many benefits associated with applying for admission without status at TUT which include:

• Access To Education – By being granted entry into select programs via this route provides those individuals access to higher learning opportunities regardless of past academic performance or other issues that would otherwise prevent them from attending college normally;

• Flexibility – This option offers more flexibility than traditional methods since it requires fewer documents prior acceptance allowing students more freedom when selecting their desired field of study;

• Support System – With its specialized staff members dedicated solely towards providing assistance for those admitted through this method ensures extra attention during their educational journey thus helping ensure success among these individuals while also building confidence over time!


In conclusion, applying for admission without status at Technikon South Africa provides applicants with another avenue towards achieving higher education goals even if they do not meet standard entry requirements typically expected from potential enrollees. While additional work may be required throughout one’s educational journey due to special restrictions placed upon them ,it ultimately proves beneficial as it opens doors otherwise closed off within society due lack resources or support systems available elsewhere!

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