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What Can I Study With Geography And Maths Literacy?

Geography and Maths Literacy Explained

Geography is the study of the physical features of a place, including landforms, climate, soils and vegetation. It also considers how people interact with their environment. Maths literacy is an understanding of basic mathematical principles that helps learners to better understand day-to-day life in South Africa.

Both Geography and Maths Literacy are important subjects for school leavers who wish to pursue higher education or employment opportunities in South Africa. They provide essential knowledge which can be applied across many different fields.

Career Opportunities With Geography And Maths Literacy

There are numerous career paths available for those who have studied both Geography and Maths Literacy at school level. Here we look at some popular choices:

Environmental Sciences

Students with strong backgrounds in both Geography and maths skills may consider studying environmental sciences as a postgraduate option. This field combines elements from both disciplines such as soil science, hydrology (the study of water) ecology (the study of plants & animals), geography (physical aspects) and other related topics like social science, economics & laws that impact on the environment . Environmental scientists use their knowledge to help solve problems associated with air pollution, water pollution etc..

Urban Planning

Urban planners use their expertise to improve efficiency within cities while helping them develop sustainably over time by using data collected from geography & maths literacy studies they undertake during planning processes . Urban planners must have good analytical skills as well as an understanding of economic systems , population trends , urban design principles , land use regulations etc., all based on geographical information gathered through research methods .

Business Management

Business management requires sound knowledge about mathematics concepts such as statistics , algebra & calculus – often referred to collectively as “quantitative analysis” – combined with insights into customers’ needs obtained through geographic studies such as local market surveys or demographic data collection techniques . Studies show that business managers need this combination of two distinct disciplines if they want success when managing companies operating within complex markets like those found in South African cities today where consumer preferences change rapidly due to globalisation effects on society’s behaviour patterns ..


  Whether you choose one subject over another will depend heavily upon your personal interest but knowing what each offers can help you make an informed decision regarding future educational options available after completing high school level courses . Both Mathematics literacy & Geographic studies can open doors for students wishing not only gain access into tertiary institutions but also into various professions requiring these two core competencies throughout our country’s job market today!

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