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What Can A 6.5 Kva Generator Power?


Generators are a great way to provide power when the mains electricity fails. A 6.5 KVA generator is one of the most common and affordable types available in South Africa, making it ideal for a range of applications from home use to small businesses. But what exactly can a 6.5 KVA generator power? In this article we will explore some of the uses and features of these generators so you can make an informed decision about which type is right for your needs.

Features Of A 6.5 KVA Generator

A 6.5 KVA generator typically has enough power output to run most essential household items during times when there is no mains electricity supply such as fridges/freezers, lights, fans or air conditioners (up to 2 HP). It also comes with safety features like overload protection and automatic voltage regulation that helps protect sensitive electronics from damage due to fluctuations in voltage levels while operating on its own fuel source (usually diesel). The size and weight vary depending on model but generally they are relatively compact which makes them easy to transport if necessary. They usually come with both single-phase and three phase outputs so you can connect multiple devices without having problems with compatibility or overloading circuits either through direct connection or using transfer switches between phases if needed

What Can You Use It For?

The main reason why people choose a 6.5Kva generator is because it offers enough power output for basic household needs during outages but still remains reasonably affordable compared with larger models that may not be necessary unless running bigger appliances such as hot water systems etc.. Other possible uses include powering machinery at construction sites where there isn’t access to mains electricity, providing back up energy supply for small business operations (such as restaurants) that rely heavily on electric equipment, camping trips where you might need lighting/electricity etc..

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of a 6KVa generators varies widely depending on brand and other factors however prices typically start at around R6000 ($400 USD) going all the way up into tens-of-thousands for professional grade models designed specifically for industrial settings etc.. Therefore it pays off doing research before buying so you get best value based on specific requirements since different brands offer different features even within same price range!


In conclusion, choosing right sized generator depends largely upon individual requirements – If only occasional short duration outages expected then smaller capacity unit should suffice however those needing more consistent ongoing supply would benefit from larger capacity alternatives like 10kva+ units which have higher initial costs but offer greater reliability down line due long term use cases! No matter what type chosen though always make sure follow instructions correctly ensure safe operation everyone’s benefit!

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