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What Age Is A Minor In South Africa?


South Africa is a nation of diverse cultures, religions and laws. This includes laws related to the age at which an individual is regarded as a minor or adult in South Africa. Understanding the law concerning minors in this country can help ensure that young people are protected and respected according to their legal rights. In this article we will look at what age is considered a minor in South Africa, and how it impacts on various aspects of life for individuals under this age.

What Age Is Considered A Minor?

In South African law, anyone who has not reached the age of majority (the legal age when someone becomes responsible for his/her own actions) is considered to be a minor. The legal minimum age for adulthood varies by context; however, 18 years old is generally accepted as the official ‘age of majority’ across all states within South Africa. Individuals aged 17 years old or younger are legally recognised as minors with special rights and protections under both civil and criminal law.

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