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The Heart Wants What It Wants Quotes?

What is the Heart Wants What It Wants Quote?

The “heart wants what it wants” quote is a popular phrase that first became known in 2013. It was made famous by American singer-songwriter, Selena Gomez, who used it to explain her decision to take personal time away from the spotlight. The phrase has since become an often-used expression of acceptance or understanding of why someone may be making difficult choices about their life.

History Behind the Quote

Selena Gomez’s song “The Heart Wants What It Wants” was released as a single on November 6th, 2014 and reached number six on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. In an interview with Ryan Seacrest prior to its release, she explained that this song serves as “a snapshot into [her] true emotions at a certain point in time” and that she wanted people to understand her rationale behind taking personal time away from the spotlight:

“I think sometimes we just need some kind of closure… We all have our own stories… I think everyone can relate in one way or another … All I’m saying is everybody deserves love no matter who you are… And if it’s right then it’s okay and if you don’t feel good about something then you should definitely not do it.”

It was these words which inspired fans around the world; they began using them as motivation for themselves while also understanding Selena’s decision for herself. This resulted in many people sharing this message through social media platforms like Twitter – turning ‘the heart wants what it wants’ into an inspirational phrase worldwide.

Popular Uses of The Heart Wants What It Wants Quotes

The phrase has gained popularity over recent years due to celebrities such as Taylor Swift quoting it during interviews – further increasing its reach within pop culture. People use this quote when talking about difficult decisions they must make regarding relationships, jobs or other aspects of their lives where conventional logic might not apply but still require action nonetheless. As well as providing comfort and support when facing tough choices; many have found solace knowing that even successful icons like Selena Gomez can experience difficulty too – despite being surrounded by fame and wealth – highlighting how universal these feelings really are across cultures and ages alike!

“Heart Want What It Wants” Quotes From Famous Writers

Since becoming popularised there have been various variations on ‘the heart want what it want’ quotes shared by influential writers including:

• “Your heart knows things your mind cannot explain” (Robert Genn)

• “My head says no but my heart says yes” (Jameson Frank)

• “Sometimes your brain tells you one thing but your heart tells you something else entirely.” (Liz Curtis Higgs)

• “When hearts speak truth nobody can deny its power”. (Kamand Kojouri).
These quotes help highlight how powerful our emotions can be compared with rational thought; emphasising why listening closely to our hearts should never be ignored regardless of external judgement which may seek influence us otherwise!


Overall “the heart wants what it wants” quote has had a major impact upon modern society due largely thanks to its ability provide comfort & support during difficult situations faced daily by millions globally . Its simple yet powerful message resonates strongly amongst communities everywhere– reminding us all that ultimately only ourselves know best when making important life decisions – regardless of any outside pressures faced along our paths towards achieving happiness .

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