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How To Wipe A Mobicel?


In our modern digital world, it is important to be able to properly wipe a Mobicel. This process is necessary for both security and privacy reasons as well as when you want to resell or donate your device. If you are based in South Africa and are looking for information on how to do this successfully, then read on! We will discuss the steps involved in wiping a Mobicel with ease so that you can have peace of mind when disposing of or resetting your phone.

Security Considerations

Before wiping your Mobicel, there are some security considerations that need to be taken into account first:
1) Back up any data on the device before proceeding with wiping; this includes contacts, photos, videos etc. You may wish to use an online storage system such as Google Drive or Dropbox for easy access later if needed.
2) Disable any SIM card lock codes from the settings menu before moving forward; these can interfere with the successful completion of the wipe process.

Steps To Wipe A Mobicel

Once all necessary preparations have been made, follow these steps carefully:
1) Go into your Settings menu and select “Backup & Reset” followed by “Factory Data Reset” (sometimes known as “Erase All Content & Settings).
2) Once selected, confirm this action by pressing “Reset Phone” when prompted.
3) The device will now begin erasing all data stored within it including contacts, pictures etc., returning it back to its original out-of-the-box state ready for disposal or resale purposes if desired.


Wiping a Mobicel is simple but essential in order to protect personal information from being accessed by others which could lead potential harm through misuse of private details such as banking details etc.. Following these few easy steps should allow anyone located within South Africa (or elsewhere!) complete this task quickly and easily without having too much trouble at all!

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