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How To Use Love Drop?

What is Love Drop?

Love Drop is a South African based online giving platform that allows you to donate money and supplies to people in need. It enables individuals, organisations and companies to give back by making it easy for them to donate directly into the bank accounts of identified beneficiaries. The platform also offers an opportunity for volunteers who are willing to dedicate their time and efforts towards helping those in need.

How Does Love Drop Work?

The process of donating through Love Drop is simple: first, donors select a beneficiary from the list provided on the website or create their own donation project; then they enter details such as amount, payment method and currency (if applicable). Once completed, a confirmation email will be sent out with details about how your donation has been received. Donations can be made via debit/credit card or e-wallet services such as PayPal or Apple Pay.


Donors have access to different projects available on the site which range from providing meals for children living in poverty-stricken areas, supporting communities affected by natural disasters or contributing towards medical costs of those who cannot afford it. They can choose exactly what type of help they want to provide according to their budget and preferences.


Apart from monetary donations, Love Drop also provides opportunities for volunteers who wish to make use of their skills or resources in order contribute towards making someone’s life better – whether they are physically present at the location itself or virtually participating online . Volunteers can sign up with this platform where they will find various projects requiring assistance such as: tutoring programs , mentorship initiatives , building homes , providing food aid etc . These opportunities allow volunteers get more involved within local communities while gaining valuable experience along the way!


Love drop helps beneficiaries receive financial support quickly without any middlemen involved . All donations go directly into accounts opened especially for each recipient – hence ensuring that all funds reach its intended destination safely ! Apart from financial aids , this platform also makes sure that basic necessities like clothes , food items etc are delivered swiftly so that recipients don’t suffer due lack of essential needs during times when government welfare systems may fail them .

Why Use Love Drop ?

Love drop provides an easy solution enabling anyone looking forward make a difference in another person’s life irrespective of geographical boundaries . It unites people together motivated by same vision ; To create lasting change around us regardless our individual situations & backgrounds! This platform gives us chance give back either monetarily or through volunteering activities & does not limit contribution only few privileged ones but instead creates scope everyone participate no matter how small gesture may seem!

So if you’re looking ways help those less fortunate than yourself ; Consider using LoveDrop today & join millions others doing same across Africa !

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