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How To Update Bank Details On Efiling?

What is eFiling?

eFiling is an online system developed by the South African Revenue Service (SARS) for taxpayers to electronically submit their income tax returns. It has become the preferred way of filing taxes in South Africa, as it offers a convenient and secure method to transfer data between SARS and taxpayers.

Why Update Bank Details on eFiling?

Updating bank details on eFiling is important if you want to receive your refunds quickly and conveniently into your account. This will ensure that any money owed to you by SARS will be deposited directly into your nominated bank account, instead of having to visit a branch or wait for a cheque in the post.

How To Update Bank Details On Efiling

To update your bank details on eFiling, follow these steps:
1. Log in to your registered eFiling profile using either an email address or ID number along with a PIN provided during registration.
2. Select ‘My Profile’ from the menu options at the top of the screen
3. Scroll down until you find ‘Bank Account Information’ then click on ‘Add new’ 4. Enter all relevant information such as name of financial institution, branch code etc., followed by submitting this form 5 . Now select ‘Verify Account Details’ which allows you to confirm that all banking details have been entered correctly before submission 6 . Once verified select ‘Submit’ – Your request should now be processed within 24 hours 7 . You can also verify that changes have been made successfully via My Profile > Banking Accounts once they are updated 8 . If there are any errors or discrepancies please contact SARS Customer Care directly for assistance


Updating bank details on efilling helps make sure you get paid accurately and quickly when refunding taxes due from SARS efficiently without hassle! This article provided steps on how-to easily complete this process so take advantage today!

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