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How To Unlock Mobicel?

Quick Summary

Unlocking a Mobicel phone can be done through various methods, including using Google account credentials, performing a factory reset, utilizing USB debugging and software, or seeking professional assistance. Each method has its own steps and considerations, such as data loss during a factory reset. It is important to choose the method that suits your situation and follow the instructions carefully to regain access to your Mobicel device.


Unlocking a Mobicel phone can be essential for various reasons, such as switching to a different network provider or regaining access to your device if you have forgotten the unlock pattern. Mobicel phones are popular in South Africa due to their affordability and features tailored for local consumers.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore multiple methods that can help you unlock your Mobicel phone. These methods include using Google account credentials, performing a factory reset, utilizing USB debugging with specific software, and seeking professional assistance from Mobicel support or service centers.

It is important to note that unlocking your device may result in data loss through certain methods like factory resetting. Therefore it’s crucial always to back up any important information before attempting these procedures.

Now let’s dive into each method step-by-step so that you can regain control of your locked Mobicel phone without hassle!

Unlocking a Mobicel Phone – A Comprehensive Guide

Mobicel is a popular brand of smartphones in South Africa, known for its affordability and reliable performance. With their sleek designs and advanced features, Mobicel phones have gained significant popularity among users across the country.

Unlocking a Mobicel phone is an essential process that allows users to gain full access to their device’s functionalities. Whether you’ve forgotten your unlock pattern or purchased a second-hand phone with locked settings, unlocking your Mobicel phone ensures that you can use it without any restrictions.

There are several methods available to unlock a Mobicel phone depending on the specific model and circumstances:

1. Using Google Account Credentials:

One common method involves using your Google account credentials associated with the device. If you enter an incorrect unlock pattern multiple times, your device will prompt you for these credentials as an alternative way to verify ownership.

2. Factory Reset:

Another option is performing a factory reset on your Mobicel phone. This process will erase all data on the device, including the unlock pattern, and restore it to its original factory settings. However, it’s important to note that a factory reset will result in the loss of all your data, so it’s crucial to back up any important information before proceeding.

Method 1 – Using Google Account Credentials

Unlocking your Mobicel phone using your Google account credentials is one of the most common methods. This method works if you have associated a Google account with your device and can remember the login details. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to unlock your Mobicel phone using this method:

Step 1: Enter Wrong Unlock Pattern

If you’ve forgotten or don’t know the correct unlock pattern, start by entering any random pattern multiple times until you see a message stating that too many attempts have been made.

Step 2: Use Your Google Account

After several unsuccessful attempts, instead of being locked out completely, your Mobicel phone will prompt for a Google account login. Tap on “Forgot Pattern” or “Enter Backup PIN,” depending on what options are available.

Step 3: Sign in With Your Credentials

Now enter the email address and password associated with the previously synced Gmail account used on this particular device.

Important Considerations:

  • Ensure that you’re connected to an active internet connection while attempting to use this method.
  • Make sure that all letters and characters entered match exactly as they were set up during initial setup.
  • If two-factor authentication (such as SMS verification) is enabled for your linked Gmail account, ensure access to both factors before proceeding.


It’s important to note some limitations when unlocking through this method:

  • You must have previously added and synchronized a valid Gmail/Google account with your Mobicel device.
  • The data connectivity option should be turned ON so that it can verify against online servers whether provided credentials are accurate or not.

Remember! It’s always recommended keeping track of passwords/patterns somewhere safe where only authorized individuals can access them easily without compromising security measures.

Method 2 – Factory Reset

When all else fails, performing a factory reset on your Mobicel phone can be an effective way to remove the unlock pattern and regain access to your device. However, it is important to note that this method will result in the loss of all data stored on your phone. Therefore, it is crucial to backup any important files or information before proceeding with a factory reset.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Power off your Mobicel phone completely.
  2. Press and hold both the Volume Up button and Power button simultaneously until the device enters recovery mode.
  3. Once you are in recovery mode, use the Volume buttons to navigate through options.
  4. Look for an option called “Wipe data/factory reset” using volume keys for navigation purposes.
  5. Press the power key once when “wipe data/factory” is highlighted.
  6. Confirm by selecting “Yes” when prompted if you want to proceed with wiping all user data from your device.
  7. Wait patiently as your Mobicel phone resets itself back into its original state.
  8. Once completed, select “reboot system now”.

After completing these steps successfully, your Mobicel phone should no longer have an unlock pattern set up. However, it is important to note that this will also erase all apps, data, pictures, videos, and other content stored in the internal storage. Make sure you have backed up anything necessary prior to performing the factory reset.

It’s worth mentioning again that performing a factory reset should only be considered as a last resort after exhausting other methods mentioned earlier. If possible, try contacting customer support or visiting a service center first, as they may provide alternative solutions without losing valuable personal content.

Method 3 – USB Debugging and Software

USB debugging is a feature available on Android devices that allows for advanced interactions between the device and a computer. It enables developers to test applications, transfer data, and even bypass certain security measures like unlock patterns. In this method, we will explore how to use USB debugging in combination with specific software to unlock your Mobicel phone.

Before proceeding with this method, it’s important to note that enabling USB debugging should be done prior to getting locked out of your device. If you haven’t enabled it before or don’t have access to a computer with the necessary software, consider trying other methods mentioned earlier.

Step 1: Enable Developer Options

  • Go into Settings on your Mobicel phone.
  • Scroll down until you find “About Phone” or “System.”
  • Look for an option called “Build Number,” tap on it seven times consecutively.
  • You’ll see a message indicating that developer options have been unlocked.

Step 2: Enable USB Debugging

  • Now go back one step from where you found Build Number (Settings > About Phone/System).
  • Locate Developer Options; usually located at the bottom of System settings menu.
  • Note: On some phones running newer versions of Android OS such as Oreo or Pie, Developer Options may be hidden under Additional Settings submenu within System settings.

    Once inside Developer Options:

    • Toggle ON/OFF switch next ‘Developer Option’ title towards top-right corner if not already turned ON
    • OR

    • For older versions, look specifically for “USB Debugging” setting among others listed there; toggle its switch/button/slider/checkbox etc., so as to enable/disable accordingly

Step 3: Connect Your Device To A Computer

After successfully enabling USB debugging mode, connect your Mobicel phone via the compatible cable provided with it to a computer.

Step 4: Download and Install Unlocking Software

On your computer, search for reputable unlocking software that supports Mobicel devices. There are several options available online such as “Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock” or “Android Multi Tools.” Choose one that suits your needs and download the appropriate version compatible with your operating system.

Step 5: Launch the Software

Once you have downloaded and installed the unlocking software on your computer, launch it by double-clicking its icon from either the desktop shortcut created during the installation process or via the Start Menu/Programs list, depending upon the operating system being used (Windows/Mac/Linux).

Step 6: Follow Instructions Provided By The Software

Each unlocking software may have slightly different user interfaces; however, they generally provide step-by-step instructions on how to proceed. Carefully follow these instructions provided within the respective program’s interface in order to unlock your Mobicel phone using the USB debugging method.

Note: It is important to read all prompts carefully before proceeding further because any wrong action can lead to permanent damage to the device/software or data loss, which might not be easily recoverable, if at all possible!

By following these steps correctly along with proper guidance given by the chosen third-party tool, you should be able to bypass the lock pattern successfully without losing data stored inside the phone memory.

Method 4 – Seeking Professional Assistance

If you have tried the previous methods and still cannot unlock your Mobicel phone, it may be time to seek professional assistance. This method involves contacting Mobicel support or visiting a service center for further help.

Mobicel Support:

One option is to reach out directly to Mobicel’s customer support team. They can provide guidance on how to unlock your specific model of Mobicel phone. You can contact them through their official website or by calling their customer support hotline.

Visiting a Service Center:

Another option is to visit an authorized service center that specializes in mobile device repairs and unlocking services. These professionals are trained in handling various smartphone models, including those from the Mobicel brand.

When seeking professional assistance, there are some important factors you should consider:

  1. Costs: Keep in mind that seeking professional help may come with associated costs. The exact fees will depend on the nature of the issue and whether any additional parts need replacement during the process.
  2. Time Involved: Unlocking a locked device at a service center might take some time depending on their workload and availability of technicians. It’s advisable to inquire about estimated turnaround times before proceeding with this method.
  3. Warranty Considerations: If your phone is still under warranty, reaching out directly to Mobicel’s customer support would be recommended as they could assist without voiding any warranties attached.

Remember always ensure that when dealing with third-party repair centers; choose reputable ones who use genuine parts if replacements become necessary.

While seeking professional assistance offers expertise and convenience, it’s essential not only rely solely upon external sources but also exercise caution while sharing personal information such as passwords or Google account credentials.

Additional Tips and Precautions

Preventing lockouts and ensuring easy unlocking in the future is essential for Mobicel phone users. Here are some additional tips to keep in mind:

1. Set up a backup pattern or PIN:

  • In addition to your primary unlock pattern, consider setting up a secondary backup pattern or PIN.
  • This will serve as an alternative method of unlocking your device if you forget the main unlock pattern.

2. Use biometric authentication methods:

  • Take advantage of fingerprint sensors or facial recognition features available on newer Mobicel models.
  • Biometric authentication provides convenience while maintaining security by reducing reliance on patterns or passwords.

3. Regularly update your Google account recovery information:

  • Ensure that your Google account recovery options (such as alternate email addresses and phone numbers) are accurate and up-to-date.
  • This will help facilitate password resets should you ever need them.

4. Enable automatic backups:

  • Utilize cloud-based services like Google Drive to automatically back up important data from apps, contacts, photos, etc., regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: Can I unlock my Mobicel phone without losing my data?

Unlocking a Mobicel phone typically involves resetting the device, which may result in the loss of all data stored on it. It is essential to back up your important files and information regularly to prevent any potential loss during the unlocking process.

FAQ 2: What should I do if I don’t remember my Google account credentials?

If you cannot recall your Google account credentials associated with your Mobicel phone, there are still options available for unlocking it. One method mentioned earlier involves performing a factory reset by entering recovery mode on your device. However, please note that this will erase all data from your phone.

FAQ 3: Is it possible to unlock a Mobicel phone without using a computer?

Yes, it is possible to unlock certain models of Mobicel phones without using a computer. The first method discussed earlier allows users to enter their Google account details directly into their devices when prompted after multiple incorrect pattern attempts.

However, other methods such as utilizing USB debugging and specific software might require access to a computer for successful implementation.

FAQ 4: How long does it take to unlock a Mobicel phone at a service center?

The duration required to unlock a Mobicel phone at a service center can vary depending on various factors like the model of the device and the workload of the service center. It is recommended to reach out directly to your nearest service center to gain accurate information regarding timelines for unlocking specific models.

FAQ 5: Can I unlock a Mobicel phone which is blacklisted or reported as stolen?


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