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How To Top Up Hollywood Voucher Using Capitec Bank?


Hollywood Vouchers are a great way to purchase digital content from online stores like Google Play, PlayStation Store, and Microsoft Store. The vouchers are easy to use as they come with pre-loaded credit that can be used for the purchase of digital products such as movies or music. In South Africa, Capitec Bank is one of the most popular banking solutions for topping up these Hollywood Voucher codes. This article will explain how you can easily top up your Hollywood voucher using Capitec Bank.

Step 1: Get Your Hollywood Voucher

The first step is to get hold of your Hollywood voucher code. You can buy them at any major retailer in South Africa or on their website www hollywoodvouchers co za Once purchased you will receive a 16 digit unique code which needs to be entered during the payment process when purchasing something from an online store .

Step 2: Log into Your Online Banking Account

Once you have your Hollywood voucher code, log into your online banking account with Capitec Bank and select ‘Payments’ from the options available on the main menu bar. On this page select ‘Buy Goods & Services’ followed by ‘Vouchers & Gift Cards’ then finally select ‘Hollywood Digital Coupon Code’ option.

Step 3: Enter Payment Details

On this page enter all relevant details including image verification if required plus enter 16 digit unique code printed on your physical card/voucher along with amount due (this should already be filled in). Click continue once finished entering all information and follow prompts until transaction has been successfully completed – typically takes about 10 minutes but could take longer depending on internet connection speed etc .

Tips & Advice

• Make sure that you double check all information before completing payment as incorrect data may lead to failed transactions or even fraud!
• Consider setting up two-factor authentication for extra security when logging into your online banking portal – this involves receiving a one time pin via SMS which must be entered alongside existing login credentials in order ensure no unauthorized access is possible .
• Contact customer support if having any difficulties while trying to top up – they should able provide assistance over email /phone/live chat options so don’t hesitate reach out !


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