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How To Store Biltong?

What is Biltong?

Biltong, a traditional South African snack, is simply dried meat. It’s similar to beef jerky with the difference that it’s made using vinegar and spices instead of sugar for flavoring. It can be made from different types of game such as kudu, warthog or springbok as well as beef. The most popular type of biltong is usually made from beef or ostrich fillet and sliced into strips before being spiced and dried in the sun or a dehydrator.

Benefits Of Eating Biltong

There are many benefits to eating biltong due to its high protein content; it keeps you full for longer which makes it an ideal snack during sporting events or when trying to lose weight. Its low-fat properties also make it a healthier alternative than other snacks like chips, cookies and candy bars. Biltong also contains essential minerals such as iron which helps maintain energy levels throughout the day and zinc which boosts your immune system helping fight off illnesses more easily.

How To Store Biltong

The key element when storing biltong is moisture control – too little moisture will cause your bilton to become hard while too much will cause mould growth on the surface of your product so please bear this in mind! Here are some tips on how best store your delicious treat:

  • Temperature: </liKeep stored at room temperature (18-25°C) away from direct sunlight.
  • Moisture: </liEnsure that there is no condensation present inside any containers used.
  • Packaging: </liBoltin should always be kept in airtight packaging either plastic bags/containers with tight fitting lids.


Long Term Storage Tips

If you wish to store bilton for long periods then we recommend freezing them – wrap individual pieces tightly in cling film making sure all air pockets are removed before placing them into freezer proof bags/containers labelled with date of storage. When ready to consume take out what you need allowing time thawing at room temperature prior consuming ensuring food safety guidelines have been adhered too!

Lastly if you want crispier results then place wrapped pieces onto baking trays lined parchment paper directly into preheated oven at 150C degrees for 8-10 minutes checking regularly until desired texture has been achieved!


Storing bilton properly will help keep its flavour intact whilst maintaining quality over extended periods meaning one can enjoy this tasty snack whenever they fancy without worry about spoilage! Follow our tips outlined above ensure maximum satisfaction every time – just don’t forget label frozen goods clearly avoid confusion later down line!

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