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How To Start A Foundation In South Africa?

What Is A Foundation?

A foundation is a legal entity that provides resources and support to charitable causes. Foundations are typically endowed by individuals, businesses, or other organizations with the purpose of supporting initiatives in areas such as education, health care, social issues, arts and culture. In South Africa, foundations can be established either as trust funds or non-profit organisations (NPOs).

Steps To Setting Up A Foundation In South Africa

If you want to set up a foundation in South Africa there are certain steps you need to take:

1. Choose Your Aim

Before setting up your foundation it’s important to consider what your overall aim will be. Are you aiming to provide educational opportunities for people living in poverty? Or do you want to address environmental challenges? Having a clear idea of the main goal of your foundation will help guide all subsequent decisions when creating it.

2. Assess The Legal Requirements For Establishing A Foundation

In order for a foundation to be legally recognised in South Africa its activities must comply with certain laws and regulations including those related to taxation, labour law and financial reporting standards amongst others. It’s important for any founding members or directors of the organisation understand these requirements before they begin the process of establishing their foundation so they can ensure compliance from the outset.

3 .Choose Which Type Of Foundation You Want To Create

As mentioned earlier there are two types of foundations – trusts and NPOs – that can be created in South African under different legal frameworks; each providing different benefits depending on their scope and focus area(s). It is essential that founders decide which type best suits their aims prior moving onto step four below.

4 .Draw Up Articles Of Association Once founders have decided on which type of framework they wish pursue then next step is drawing up articles association which outlines how the new organisation should function internally; laying out rules governing operations such as voting procedures etcetera.

5 .Register The Organisation With SARS And DSD

After everything has been drawn up it’ s time register organisation with both SARS (South African Revenue Service) & DSD (Department Social Development). This ensures that all taxes associated activities undertaken by new organisation paid correctly also allows them apply funding grants available through department.

6 .Advertise Your New Organisation To Potential Donors & Supporters Finally once all above steps completed final one involves advertising presence publicly so potential donors supporters aware exists.. There number ways this done including running campaigns social media networking events hosting conferences etcetera.

7. Secure Funding Sources

Once an organisation has been registered officially it’ s time start looking sources secure funding enable achieve goals objectives.. Depending size scale operation could include applying grants government departments large corporations even crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe.


Setting up a new foundation requires considerable amount research effort create something sustainable long term success but ultimately rewarding experience those involved due positive impact made local community projects supported.
>Creating successful foundation isn’t easy but following steps outlined above give good starting point navigate complex world regulation necessary make official.. Good luck!

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