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How To Send Please Call Me From Vodacom?


Vodacom is one of South Africa’s leading mobile providers and offers a range of services to its customers. One such service is the ability to send a “Please Call Me” request from your phone to another person’s phone, allowing them to call you back without having to incur any airtime costs. This article will provide an overview of how this feature works and how you can send Please Call Me messages using Vodacom.

What Is A “Please Call Me”?

A Please Call Me message is a free text that allows someone else with Vodacom network access to call you back at no charge. It essentially covers all the cost associated with making the phone call for both parties involved, as long as they are both on the same network provider – in this case Vodacom. The recipient simply receives your request and dials *120* followed by your number# (e.g., *120*0823456789#).

How To Send A Please Call Me With Vodacom

Sending a please call me through Vodacom is easy and straightforward:
1. First, open up your messaging app or SMS menu on your device
2. Then type out the word ‘pleasecallme’ followed by the recipient number (e.g., pleasecallme 0823456789)
3. Finally press send!
It really couldn’t be easier – once sent, they’ll receive an alert along with instructions on how they can return your call for free using their own airtime balance or credit card if need be!

Cost Of Sending A PCM On Vodacom

As previously mentioned, sending a please call me via Vodacom incurs no cost whatsoever – it’s completely free! This makes it ideal for those occasions when you’re short on cash but want somebody in particular to give you a ring instead of wasting money calling them yourself!

Alternative Ways To Send PCMs From Other Networks

If you’re not with Vodacoms network or would prefer not use their services then there are some alternative ways which allow users from other networks such as MTN or Cell C etc…to still make cheap calls over data instead of relying solely on voice minutes/airtime credits being available at all times – these include apps like WhatsApp/Skype/Viber etc…which are much more affordable than traditional means of communication too so definitely worth exploring if possible depending upon what kind of connection speeds & coverage each user has in their area too!.


In conclusion, sending please call me requests through Vodacon is an easy way for two people who share similar network providers (in this case it would be exclusively limited only those who have subscribed themselves onto voda com) can communicate quickly & cheaply without incurring any additional charges apart from whatever internet fees may apply when browsing online.. All things considered though-it’s definitely worth giving try if ever needed urgently contact someone without having worry about expensive international rates etc…

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