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How To Send A Please Call Me Vodacom?

What Is A Please Call Me?

A “Please Call Me” is a free service offered by Vodacom that allows you to send a text message to another person requesting them to call you. It’s a great way of getting in touch with someone without needing airtime or data on your phone.

How To Send A Please Call Me Vodacom

Sending a Please Call Me is simple and easy:
1. Compose your SMS as normal, but instead of entering the recipient’s number, enter **140* followed by their number# and then type your message into the body of the SMS.
For example, if you wanted to send a Please Call Me request to 0821234567, you would compose an SMS with **140*0821234567# as the recipient address and include your message in the body of the SMS.

2. Once finished composing your message, hit ‘Send’ – this will cost nothing however it does require 1 free Out-of-bundle (OOB) credit from Vodacom which can be obtained through MyVodacom App or by visiting any store or dealer selling Vodacom products. Note: You will not have access to OOB credits if no prepaid plan has been activated on your account for more than 6 months; at this point new activation must take place before accessing OOB credits again .

3. The recipient will receive an SMS asking them to call you back along with details about where they can find help should they need it such as how much airtime/data they need when calling back etc.. This information may vary depending on what country both parties are located in so please check local regulations regarding charges for making calls via mobile phones prior to initiating this service.


Advantages Of Sending A “Please Call me” With Vodacom

The main advantage is that it’s completely free! There are no hidden fees associated with sending these requests nor do recipients need any additional airtime/data allowance when calling back – all they require is enough balance available on their own device so make sure those who might be receiving these messages know about this beforehand! Additionally since there are no roaming charges involved either party could be located anywhere around South Africa while still being able use this service successfully without incurring extra costs either side – perfect for keeping friends & family connected even over long distances! Finally due its simplicity & convenience sending out PLEASECALLME requests has become increasingly popular amongst teens & young adults alike especially during times when prepaid plans run low but communication still needs maintaining between two parties regardless – just remember always keep track of how many OOB credits remain available at all times!


In conclusion sending out PLEASECALLME requests using Vodacoms network is incredibly convenient & cost effective solution for staying connected without having access large amounts data/airtime allowances – perfect for keeping friends & family communicated regardless distance! Just remember always keep track remaining OOB credits order ensure continued usage services like these throughout year ahead; happy texting everyone !

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