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How To Reverse Ewallet Fnb South Africa?

What is an Ewallet?

An eWallet is a digital wallet or electronic payment system that allows you to store, receive, and transfer funds on the internet. It’s like having your own personal bank account but without all of the paperwork and fees associated with traditional banking. With an eWallet, you can instantly send money to anyone in South Africa or around the world who also has an eWallet account.

How Does Reverse Ewallet Fnb South Africa Work?

Reverse eWallet Fnb South Africa works by allowing users to deposit funds from their bank accounts into their eWallets. Once deposited, these funds can then be used for online purchases or sent directly to other people’s accounts. The process is simple: firstly create a free FNB Online Banking Profile using your mobile number as username; secondly link your FNB Bank Account by entering details such as your account type and number; and lastly log in with your profile whenever you wish to use the service. You will need at least R50 in order for it to work properly so make sure you have this amount before creating a profile!

Benefits of Using Reverse Ewallet Fnb South Africa

One of the major benefits of using reverse eWallet Fnb South Africa is convenience – there are no physical bank branches required for transactions so everything can be done securely online within minutes! There are also no limits on how much money can be transferred per day which makes it ideal for larger payments too. Furthermore, since this service works across multiple banks (Fnb included) customers have more options when sending/receiving money from different sources quickly and easily! In addition, users benefit from low transaction costs when compared against traditional banking methods like cheques or wire transfers making it cost-effective overall.

Safety & Security Measures

Users don’t need to worry about safety either as reverse eWallet Fnb employs various security measures including encryption technology which helps protect customer data from being accessed by unauthorized third parties during transactions. This ensures that only those authorized persons involved in each transaction have access to sensitive information such as passwords or credit card numbers etcetera – giving everyone peace of mind that their financial details remain secure throughout any given transfer process! Additionally they offer 24/7 customer support should any issues arise while using this service – something not always available with other payment providers out there today!


In conclusion ,reverseEwallet fnB south africa offers its users great flexibility ,convenience ,and savings .It allows them deposit funds easily via bank accounts into thier wallets ;initiate payments between multiple banks quickly ;as well enjoy low transaction costs .They are additionaly secured by advanced encryption technology coupled with 24/7 customer support .All things considered its definitely worth trying out if looking for reliable way pay online !

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