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How To Reset Samsung J4 Core?


In this article, we discuss how to successfully reset your Samsung J4 Core. Resetting a device is important for many reasons, such as when you are selling it or if the device has become slow or unresponsive. Knowing how to properly reset a device can save you time and frustration in the long run. Read on to learn more about resetting your Samsung J4 Core!

Steps for Master Reset (Factory Reset)

A master reset (also known as factory reset) will restore your phone back to its original state before any software updates were installed, or any apps were downloaded. This type of reset should be done with caution and only when absolutely necessary because it will erase all data from your device including photos, contacts, music files etc., so make sure that you have backed up all of your important data beforehand. To perform a master/factory reset on your Samsung J4 Core:
1. Turn off the phone completely by pressing and holding down the power button until the screen turns black then press again until it powers off completely;
2. Press and hold both Volume Up + Home + Power buttons together until Android System Recovery Screen appears;
3. Use Volume Down key to navigate through options and select “wipe data/factory” option using volume up button;
4. Select Yes – delete all user data using volume down key; 5 Confirm selection by selecting “Yes-delete all user date” option once again on same page; 6 The process may take some time but will complete eventually after which phone will reboot automatically into normal mode without prompting for Google account details anymore like upon first use post factory/master rest procedure was completed successfully..

Steps For Soft Reset

A soft reset is less invasive than a master/factory reset as it does not erase any of your personal information from the device such as contacts, photos etc., making it ideal if you just need to refresh an unresponsive system without having to start over from scratch with setting up everything again afterwards . To perform a soft rest on your Samsung J4 core: 1 Go into settings menu by clicking on gear icon in top right corner of home screen 2 Scroll down & select ‘Backup & Restore’ 3 Now tap on ‘Reset Device’ & confirm 4 Wait while process completes itself & phone reboots automatically into normal mode without asking for sign-in details like upon first use post factory/master rest procedure was completed successfully..


We hope that this guide helped you understand how easy it is to perform either type of resets -soft or master -on Samsung J4 Core devices at home yourself instead of taking them somewhere else where they might charge extra fees unnecessarily which could have otherwise been avoided had knowledge about these procedures been available beforehand . It’s always better safe than sorry so remember next time before assuming anything do research thoroughly online first !

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