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How To Reset Conlog Prepaid Meter?


Are you a South African resident struggling to reset your Conlog prepaid meter? We understand the frustration this can cause and have put together an informative blog post to help guide you through the necessary steps. Read on for a comprehensive overview of what is required to reset your Conlog prepaid electricity meter.

What Is A Prepaid Meter?

Simply put, a prepaid meter is an energy metering device that requires users to purchase units in advance before they are able to use it. This means that customers must buy tokens or vouchers which can be used as credits and inserted into their meters in order for them to access power supply. It helps reduce costs associated with traditional billing systems such as debt collection, non payment of bills etc., by allowing consumers only pay for what they consume at any given time.

Why Would I Need To Reset My Meter?

A common reason why someone would need to reset their Conlog prepaid meter is if there has been no activity on the system for some time (for example when migrating from one property/renter). In these cases, it’s important that you manually reset your meter so that the new owner/tenant will be able to start using electricity again without having any problems with their connection. Alternatively, if you’ve recently changed suppliers but kept the same type of equipment then it may also be necessary for you do a manual reset of your prepayment energy metering device so that all settings remain up-to-date and accurate according the new provider’s requirements.

How Do I Manually Reset My Meter?

To manually reset your Conlog prepayment energy metering device follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Ensure all devices connected directly or indirectly via sockets attached onto this particular unit are switched off; including those connected elsewhere within its network chain like extension leads etc.. Step 2: Now locate and remove both battery packs located inside each side panel respectively (battery packs look like small cubes) while taking note not touch or damage any other components found here during this process; once removed place batteries aside safely away from children’s reach until ready reassemble later on down line… Step 3: Once done now carefully detach cover plate covering top section above digital display screen area slowly whilst being mindful not exerting too much pressure nor force against material itself; once open should reveal black box containing two prongs where wires were previously connected leading onto main body portion beneath… Step 4 : Carefully disconnect wiring harness running between these two points gently whilst ensuring exposed ends don’t become damaged during removal phase; replace cover plate back over opening securely afterwards then proceed onto next step below…… Step 5 : Attach both battery packs firmly back into respective slots located either side inner panels respectively & ensure connections secure tightly before proceeding further…. Step 6 : Finally switch appliance back “on” position actively activating timer mechanism found within main panel housing triggering final sequence completing entire hard rest procedure successfully! Your now free resume normal daily operations using freshly updated settings “Happy days ! ” Congratulations!! You’ve just completed step-by-step tutorial showing how easily perform hard resets own con log prepayment energy metering devices correctly… All That Remains Is For You Reinsert Tokens Into Device & Enjoy Benefits Of New Settings Instantly !! Hope information provided answered questions asked looking forward hearing feedback soon Stay Safe Everyone !!!!! Thankyou So Much For Taking Time Out Today Reading Our Blog Post – Until Next Time 🙂 The End

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