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How To Reset Centurion D5 Gate Motor?



Centurion D5 gate motors are a popular choice for South African properties for their power, reliability and ease of use. The motor is easy to install and comes with a range of features that make it one of the most powerful gate motors on the market. However, from time to time you may need to reset your Centurion D5 gate motor due to technical issues or other reasons. In this article we will look at how you can easily reset your Centurion D5 gate motor in just a few steps.

What Do I Need?

Before starting the process of resetting your Centurion D5 Gate Motor, there are some things that you need:

-A flat head screwdriver
-Your original remote control (if applicable)
-Gate keypad (if applicable)

Step 1 – Disconnect Power Source

To begin, disconnect the power source from the motor by removing any cables connected directly to it. It is important that no electricity passes through while you’re performing these steps as it could cause damage or malfunctioning in your system. Wait until all lights have gone off before proceeding further .

Step 2 – Reconnect Power Source & Hold Down Reset Button

After ensuring that no power is connected to the system, reconnect the power source back into its socket and hold down on both ‘open’ and ‘close’ buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds until all lights start flashing together indicating that it has been successfully rebooted . While doing this step if you notice any strange noises coming from within then immediately stop and unplug all cables again before continuing .

Step 3 – Program Your Remote Control

Once successful ,programming should now be required if using an original remote control with which was included with purchase when originally installing . You can do this by following instructions found in its user manual or simply referring back towards retailer whenever necessary as they typically provide assistance too throughout installation process itself even after completion stages too so always feel free reach out them if ever needed help along way here! This step needs only once done properly; afterwards ,it should automatically remain paired up without issue unless manually changed settings later point-in-time again so don’t worry about having redo each every single time open/close gates want access property anymore!

Step 4 – Check Keypads & Reprogram If Necessary

Once programming complete ,check keypads ensure they still working correctly If not functioning properly then reprogramming may be required but usually won’t need since systems designed save last known configuration during normal usage periods anyway To do though simply follow same instructions found manual regarding remote controls earlier mentioned above as procedure essentially same minus fact extra devices involved such pad instead regular transmitter itself Here also take note sometimes certain models require different types codes depending their specifications so double check accordingly first before attempting anything else !


Finally after completing these four simple steps ,your Centurion D5 Gate Motor should now be fully operational again ! Always remember keep unit regularly maintained order prevent future problems arising otherwise might end up needing costly repairs eventually Anyway hopefully guide provided enough information answer questions had concerning resetting own device safely home environment today Let know thoughts comments section below thanks reading everyone 🙂

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