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How To Renew An Expired Asylum In South Africa?


Asylum protection is a right granted to individuals who are unable to return safely to their home country due to a well-founded fear of persecution. In South Africa, asylum seekers can apply for refugee status by submitting an application with the Department of Home Affairs (DHA). Once approved, the individual will be issued with a Refugee Reception Office (RRO) card and allowed to live in South Africa as long as they renew their permit every year. However, if your permit expires without being renewed you must follow certain steps in order to have your asylum restored.

What To Do When Your Asylum Expires

If your asylum has expired then you should contact the DHA office that issued it immediately. You will need to explain why it was not renewed on time and ask for guidance on how best to proceed with renewal. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to simply submit a new application or be required attend an interview before getting approval from DHA officials. It is important that all documents such as proof of identity and residence are up-to-date when applying for renewal so make sure these are readily available prior any meeting with DHA personnel.

It is also important that applicants understand their rights regarding deportations or removals during this process; since failure for an applicant’s asylum request could lead them down this path if no other legal options exist at that point in time

Renewal Process

The process of renewing a lapsed asylum permit involves completing some paperwork and attending meetings/interviews at various governmental offices including: The Refugees Status Advisory Board (RSAC), Refugee Reception Office(RRO)and The Department Of Home Affairs (DHA). At each stage applicants should expect questions about their nationality, reason for entering/staying within South African borders, family members living abroad etc., which must be answered truthfully according information provided by RRO staff beforehand . After completion of interviews ,the RSAC makes its final decision based off all evidence presented iincluding medical examinations where necessary.. If successful ,a valid temporary residence visa would then be issued along with updated RRO card allowing access into public services such as healthcare facilities .


Renewing an expired Asylum Permit in South African requires patience but can ultimately result in many benefits including access essential services like healthcare which might otherwise not been available outside official channels . Additionally understanding one’s rights under immigration law helps ensure minimal disruption throughout entire process itself ;so seeking expert advice from relevant organizations like Lawyers Against Abuse early stages always recommended too .

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