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How To Remove A Director On Cipc?


Removing a director on the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) in South Africa is an essential step to take when a company’s board of directors needs to be changed. It requires filing certain paperwork with the CIPC, as well as notifying any other authorities or third parties that may need to be informed about the change. This article will discuss how to go about removing a director from CIPC, including what forms need to be completed and filed, and who should be notified of the changes.

Forms Needed To Remove A Director On CIPCO

The first step in removing a director from CIPC is making sure you have all the necessary forms filled out correctly. The main form needed for this process is Form CK1A: Change Of Company Officers/Details Of Directors And Secretaries or Co-opted Members/Changes In Memorandum & Articles Of Association which can be found on their website at https://www.cipc.co.za/. Along with this form, there are also some additional documents that must accompany it such as proof of identity for each person being removed, certified copies of resolutions passed by shareholders approving the removal if applicable, and details of any successors appointed in place of those removed if applicable.

Filing The Forms With The CIPCO

Once all required forms have been completed correctly they must then be submitted online through eFiling on the cipc website https://eservices01prod02cpf08app4bpublic28webqry01authusr04lobby09en_US11eFiling12default13home14index15aspx along with payment for registration fees using either an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or credit card payment method accepted by CIPC . Once your application has been processed successfully you will receive confirmation via email that your documents have been received and accepted by them; at which point you may then proceed to notify anyone else who might need to know about these changes such as banks , creditors etc., depending on your particular situation .

Notifying Other Parties About Changes

It’s important to remember that once a director has been removed from CIPC it doesn’t automatically mean they’re no longer associated with any business activities performed under their name – so it’s still advisable to contact any relevant third parties separately yourself after submitting your applications just in case anything needs updating i.e bank accounts , contracts etc.. For example banks often require written notification before they’ll make any changes regarding authorised signatories or account holders – so don’t forget this part!


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