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How To Private Number On Mtn?

What is Private Number on MTN?

Private number, also known as caller ID masking, is a feature provided by MTN South Africa that allows you to hide your actual phone number when making outgoing calls. This means the person receiving the call will not be able to see who it’s from and instead see an anonymous “private” or “unknown” number.

Why Use Private Number?

Using private numbers can provide many benefits for users including but not limited to:

– Maintaining privacy: By concealing your real identity, you are less likely to attract unwanted attention or have unknown people contacting you back.

– Making anonymous calls: If there is a particular service provider that no longer wants your business, switching your caller ID off can help ensure they won’t recognize you if/when you make contact again in the future.

– Preventing harassment : If someone has been harassing or stalking you over the phone then using a private number can put an end to their behaviour as they will no longer be able to identify whose calling them from now on.

How To Activate Private Number On Mtn

Activating private numbers with MTN South Africa couldn’t be simpler and only takes a few minutes of your time! Here’s how:

1) Dial *141# from any MTN enabled handset (you must first have airtime available). You should then receive an automated response which includes various options – select option 5 for ‘Caller Line Identification’.

2) Select option 2 (‘Manage Your CLID’) followed by option 2 once more (‘Deactivate Your CLID’).

3) Enter the 4-digit PIN code associated with your account (it should have been supplied when activating services with MTN). The system will then confirm that caller line identification has successfully been deactivated and all outgoing calls should now appear as ‘private’ on recipients devices.

You may occasionally need to reactivate this feature depending on circumstances so follow these steps again if needed; simply enter ‘1’ after selecting Step 2 above instead of entering ‘2’ which Deactivates Your CLID each time! And voila – private numbers activated! Don’t forget though that incoming calls from other networks may still show up even when yours doesn’t due so bear this in mind before expecting total anonymity at all times.. .


Using private numbers can bring many advantages such as maintaining privacy and preventing harassment while ensuring those annoying callers won’t know it’s coming from you anymore! Activating this feature through MTN South Africa is straightforward too thanks to their easy-to-follow guide – just dial *141#, select option 5 for Caller Line Identification followed by two more selections before finally entering in your PIN code…and enjoy enhanced privacy whenever necessary!.

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