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How To Prepare Baby Marrow?


Baby marrow is a popular vegetable in South Africa, due to its versatility and flavour. It can be used in salads, stir-fries and even roasts. In this article we will discuss how to prepare the perfect baby marrow for any dish you are making.

Choosing Baby Marrow

When it comes to selecting baby marrows, look for ones that have a bright green colour without any blemishes or discolouration. Make sure they don’t feel soft or spongy when squeezed as this indicates over-ripeness. The ideal size should be around 10 cm long and about 2cm thick at the base with both ends tapering off towards each other forming an oval shape.

Cleaning & Cutting

Before cutting your baby marrow into strips it is important to wash them thoroughly under running water using a vegetable brush if necessary before drying them with paper towels or kitchen cloths. Cut the ends off the marrows then depending on what recipe you are using cut into slices, cubes, strips or whatever else is needed for your recipe of choice taking care not to cut yourself in the process!

Cooking Methods

Once you have prepared your vegetables there are several ways of cooking them such as: stewing/braising; steaming; sautéing; grilling/barbecuing; baking/roasting; boiling/blanching etc…For most recipes however it would be best suited either stewed, steamed or roasted depending on what type of dish you are making and personal preference . For example if you were making a stir fry then sauté would work better than say boiling which would soften up too much softening them down too much causing mushiness especially given their delicate nature . On the other hand if you wanted softer more tender pieces then roasting could help bring out their sweetness while also adding some charring giving depth of flavour meanwhile steaming may help retain more nutrients than boiling although less flavourful overall so choose accordingly!

Serving Suggestions

Finally once cooked serving suggestions could include pairing with proteins like chicken breasts mixed through pasta dishes ; served alongside grilled meats like lamb chops ; added crunch to salads ; included within casseroles etc …the possibilities really do depend on how creative one feels ! Ultimately no matter which way chosen enjoy knowing that by choosing fresh ingredients from local suppliers means supporting environmentally sustainable farming practices , while also helping boost our economy encouraging growth !

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