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How To Port From Telkom To Mtn?


Making the switch from Telkom to MTN is a simple process that allows you to keep your current phone number. This article will outline how you can port your number in a few easy steps. We’ll also take a look at the potential benefits of making the switch and why it might be beneficial for you.

Benefits Of Porting To MTN

There are many benefits to porting from Telkom to MTN, such as:
– Access to more competitive data packages – Mtn has some great data offers which could save you money on data costs over time;
– The ability to use voice calls and SMS with no extra charge – if you’re using services like WhatsApp, Viber or Skype, then switching networks won’t cost any extra money;
– More reliable network coverage – Mtn generally has better coverage than Telkom in most areas;
– Easier access to customer care services –MTN offers online chat support which makes getting help much simpler than waiting on hold with Telkom customer service;
– A variety of value added services that can make life easier such as free call forwarding and international roaming options.

How To Port From Telkom To Mtn

Porting from one network provider (Telkom)to another (Mtn) is quite straightforward with just three main steps required:

1) Complete RICA registration – All South Africans must register their SIM card under the Regulation of Interception Communications Act (RICA). If this hasn’t been done already then head into an MTN store or authorised dealer so they can do it for you. Alternatively some stores may offer an online RICA option. Once complete, provide them with all necessary documents including ID book/card/passport etc plus proof of address not older than 3 months old .

2) Get Your PAC Code– Contact your existing mobile operator (Telkom )and request your PAC code by calling their customer care line or entering “STAC [Your Number] #” into an SMS message and sending it off free of charge .You should receive a response containing your PAC code within 48 hours via SMS or email . Make sure that when requesting the PAC code ,you have valid documentation ready proving who owns the account eg ID Document etc .

3) Finalise The Switch – Now head back into an authorised MTN store /dealer along with all relevant documentation including proof of identity/address etc plus the original SIM card as well as two new ones provided by them(for dual sim phones ). You’ll need both numbers active before activation so don’t forget this step! Also remember give them your PAC code once asked for it ! That’s all there is too it ! After submitting all information & following up where applicable ,the switch should be completed within 24 hours & any remaining credit transferred across automatically onto new account without disruption !


Making the switch from Telcom to MTN doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive if done correctly. By following these simple instructions, customers will find themselves enjoying better deals and improved service quality without disrupting their existing phone number!

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