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How To Make Red Liquid Floor Polish?


Red liquid floor polish is a great way to keep your floors looking shiny and new. It adds a bit of color and vibrancy while still providing a protective coating that will help protect your floor from dirt, dust, and wear-and-tear. However, making red liquid floor polish at home can be tricky. This blog post will provide step by step instructions for creating the perfect red liquid floor polish so you can enjoy beautiful floors in no time!

Ingredients & Tools

Before beginning, it’s important to have all the necessary ingredients and tools on hand:
• 1 cup of beeswax pellets
• ½ cup of carnauba wax flakes
• ¼ cup of paraffin wax chips
• 4 cups turpentine or white spirit (odorless)
• A few drops of food coloring (red) • 1 old pot or saucepan with lid • A glass jar with lid • An old spoon or wooden paddle for stirring


1. Start by combining the beeswax pellets, carnauba wax flakes, paraffin wax chips and turpentine in an old pot over low heat until everything melts together completely. Stir continuously to prevent any burning/scorching. 2. When everything has melted together nicely remove from heat but do not turn off stove yet as you may need it again later on in case you want to adjust the consistency of your mixture if needed. 3. Next add several drops of food coloring until desired shade is reached – this depends on how dark/light you would like your final product to be so feel free to experiment with different amounts until satisfied! 4. Once happy with color transfer mixture into glass jar using ladle or similar utensil; ensure there are no lumps left behind before doing so otherwise they may cause unevenness when applied onto surface later down line (optional). 5 Red Liquid Floor Polish is now ready for use – apply thin layer directly onto clean dry surfaces such as tile floors using rag cloth then buff up afterwards with another dry cloth (this helps reduce streaking). Reheat leftover mix in case further adjustments are required regarding consistency etcetera… 6 Enjoy beautiful polished shine once finished job complete!


Making red liquid floor polish at home can be surprisingly simple – just follow these steps carefully and you’ll have beautiful shiny floors in no time! Just remember that if ever unsure about anything during process always refer back here first before continuing onwards; safety should always come first when dealing with chemicals such as those mentioned within this article

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