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How To Make Burfee?


Burfee is a delicious South African treat that is popular in many households. It’s made from milk, sugar and ghee, and has a unique flavor unlike anything else. Although it might seem like an intimidating dish to make, with the right ingredients and instructions you can easily whip up your own burfee at home!


When it comes to making burfee there are just a few key ingredients you’ll need:
• 2 liters of full cream milk
• 1-1½ cups of white granulated sugar (or more depending on desired sweetness)
• 200g clarified butter or ghee (you can find this in most Indian shops)


Optional Ingredients:

    • A pinch of cardamom powder for added flavor
    • 1 tablespoon rose water for aroma  
    • Chopped almonds/pistachios/cashews for topping


Tools Needed:

     • Stovetop pot or kadai with lid    
     • Wooden spoon                                                                    • Heatproof bowl                                                                                                


1. Start by bringing the milk to boil over medium heat in a stovetop pot or kadai. Stir occasionally as it boils until all the moisture evaporates out and only thickened milk remains—this should take around 15 minutes. Once finished, turn off heat but leave the pan on warm so that the mixture does not set immediately.
2. Add sugar into the pan and stir until completely dissolved before adding clarified butter/ghee in small increments while continuing to stir continuously until everything is combined together nicely—this should take about 5 minutes total time spent stirring so be patient! Finally add any optional ingredients if desired such as cardamom powder or rosewater before turning off heat once again; leaving everything still hot but not boiling anymore will help ensure that nothing burns during cooking process later on down line…now we’re ready to move onto step 3!
3. Take half of what was cooked earlier from pan into separate bowl then pour remaining contents back into original pot; this will be used for layering purpose when assembling final product later on so don’t worry too much about how thin each layer needs to be at this point because they will all combine together anyways eventually anyways after baking part happens next…it doesn’t look very nice yet right now but trust us—just wait till end result turns out amazing!! Now let’s get started on actual baking portion which requires preheating oven 350°F degrees prior beginning…allowing plenty time here ensures best results possible since different types tend vary greatly temperature wise.. .so better safe than sorry when dealing with something delicate like Burfee! ;)4.. Spread first layer evenly across bottom surface inside greased 9×13 inch baking dish; alternatively use parchment paper if preferred instead grease directly onto dish itself–whatever works best way prefer really 🙂 Now sprinkle some chopped nuts top before repeating same exact steps above create second level using remaining mixture already prepared earlier step two…finally cover entire thing tight fitting aluminum foil placing seam side facing downwards prevent burning occurring during cook cycle next 40-45minutes approximately depending type particular oven being used course…afterwards remove foil uncovering beautiful golden brown crusty dazzlingly delicious smelling creation beneath!!! Allow cool slightly enjoy fresh homemade Burfee either served chilled room temperature whatever preference may happen have 😀 Enjoy!!

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