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How To Make Amagwinya Soft?


Amagwinya is a popular South African snack made from dough that has been fried or baked. It’s usually served with butter and jam, but it can also be topped with savoury ingredients like cheese and onions. Amagwinya can be enjoyed as a snack or as an accompaniment to other meals. In this article, we’ll discuss how to make the perfect amagwinya – fluffy, soft on the inside and crisp on the outside.

Ingredients For Amagwinya

The basic ingredient for making amagwinya is flour, water and salt. You will also need either cooking oil (for frying) or baking powder (for baking). Other optional ingredients include sugar, yeast and any additional flavourings you may want to add such as herbs or spices.

Making The Dough

Mix together the flour, salt and sugar in a bowl until all of the dry ingredients are well combined. Then slowly add in your desired amount of warm water while stirring continuously until a smooth dough forms – don’t over-mix it! If using yeast, dissolve it in some warm water before adding it to your mixture along with any extra flavouring you might want to use like herbs or spices. Once everything is mixed together knead the dough for five minutes until it becomes elastic then cover with cling film/plastic wrap/towel etc., leave somewhere warm for an hour so that it rises slightly – this will help make your amagwinyas softer later on when they’re cooked!

Shaping The Dough

Once you’ve let your dough rise roll out into small rounds about 5cm thick then use either a knife or pizza cutter to cut each round into four wedges – these will form individual pieces of amagwinnyas which should look like triangles once finished! You can decide how big/small you would like them by adjusting thickness accordingly – just remember that thicker pieces take longer cook through properly so if looking for quick snacks go thinner than usual 😉

Frying Or Baking?

Now comes time decide whether fry bakeamigwniya: both methods achieve tasty results but quite different textures–fried versions tend be crunchier whilst baked ones generally fluffier softer inside .To fry heat up some cooking oil skillet medium-high heat ensuring not too hot else burn outer layer burnt bits won’t taste good ! Fry few at time , flipping sides after 2 minutes each side golden brown colour remove plate cover kitchen paper absorb excess oil . To bake preheat oven 180C Line baking tray parchment paper place prepared shaped onto lightly sprinkle little extra flour top bake around 15 minutesuntil edges become crispy golden brown colour remove enjoy !

Serving Suggestions
No matter what way have cooked them there plenty ways serve up deliciousness : spread traditional butter jelly topping alternatively try melted grated cheese chopped spring onion mix diced tomatoes chives bit chilli flakes create own unique combination flavours even dunk savoury sauces dips increase flavour intensity further! They great addition lunchboxes ideal light snack keep stomachs full between meals especially kids who love them . Enjoy !

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