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How To Make A Please Call With Telkom?

Introduction to Telkom

Telkom is a major telecommunications provider in South Africa. It is the largest fixed-line operator in the country and offers both voice and data services, including mobile phone plans, broadband internet access, digital television and video conferencing solutions. With its extensive network of towers and fibre-optic cables, Telkom can provide reliable coverage for even remote regions of the country.

Making A Please Call with Telkom

A please call allows you to make a request for service from your preferred telephone provider without having to physically dial their number or wait on hold for customer service representatives. You simply have to enter your details into an online form which will then be sent through to the telecommunication company’s central offices who will then contact you directly at a time that suits you best. Making a please call with Telkom is simple and straightforward:

Step 1: Visit The Website

The first step towards making a please call with Telkom is visiting their website at telkomsa.co.za where you can find all necessary information about their products and services as well as contact details if needed. On this website, look out for “Please Calls” under Customer Care section or alternatively search “Please Calls” using the search field provided on top right corner of page .

Step 2: Submit Your Details

Once you are redirected onto the relevant page click on “Submit Your Request” link located near bottom of page which will take you further onto another page where it requires some basic details such as name , surname , address etc before submitting your request . Make sure all required fields are filled correctly before clicking submit button .

Step 3 : Wait For Response

Once submitted , customers should expect response within 48 hours ( excluding weekends ) via email or SMS depending upon what was selected during submission process . Alternatively customer may also receive physical post within 7 days containing additional instructions regarding his/her query resolution .


Making a Please Call with Telkom has never been easier! Simply visit their website follow few steps mentioned above & rest assured knowing that your request has been successfully received & someone from customer care team would get back soon !

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