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How To Know Your Vodacom Number?

What is a Vodacom Number?

Vodacom is one of South Africa’s largest mobile phone providers, offering customers access to their own personalised number. In addition to providing communication services, Vodacom also offers numerous packages and deals allowing individuals to save money on calls and data usage.

How To Find Your Vodacom Number

If you are unsure what your own number is or if you just want to confirm it, there are several easy ways for you to find out what your specific number is:

  • Check the back of your SIM card: Your unique Vodacom number will be printed at the back of your SIM card.
  • Dial *111# from your handset: This will bring up a menu where you can select ‘My Account’ and then ‘View My Number’.
  • Log in online with MyVodacom App: By logging into the MyVodacom app using either Facebook or Google credentials, users have access to view their account information which includes their current phone number.
  • Call Customer Care Centre: Alternatively , customers can call the customer care centre directly on 082 111 from any other cellphone or dial 121 from their own device . The representative will provide all relevant details about one ‘ s account including phone numbers .


Knowing one ‘ s Vodacom number allows people access more easily manage various aspects of their service such as checking usage stats , buying bundles etc . It also makes it simpler for friends and family members that need too contact them by having an easily accessible point of reference . Therefore , it’ s important know exactly what our personalised numbers are so that we don’t miss out on any great deals !

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