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How To Join Table Charm?

What is Table Charm?

Table Charm is a South African based social dining platform that connects diners with unique experiences. It’s a great way to meet new people and explore different restaurants in your area, all while enjoying delicious food. With Table Charm, you can join tables of three or more at select restaurants for an exclusive dinner experience.

How Does It Work?

To join Table Charm, simply sign up on the website or app using your email address or Facebook account. After signing up, you’ll be able to browse available tables near you as well as create your own table if there isn’t one already available in your area. Once you’ve found a table that interests you, simply request to join it and wait for confirmation from the host before attending the event.

Benefits of Joining Table Charm

Table Charm has several benefits including:

  • Meeting New People: Joining a table on Table Charm means meeting new people and making friends from all over South Africa.

  • Exploring New Restaurants: On Table charm, hosts create their own events at different locations so each time you join a table it could be somewhere completely new! This provides an opportunity to explore local restaurants with fellow diners.

  • <b Affordable Prices: Diners pay only R50 per person when joining a chosen restaurant.


Safety Protocols For Diners

Safety is always top priority for both diners and hosts alike at Table charm events. Before attending any event we recommend following these protocols;

• Ensure that everyone wearing masks until seated.
• Sanitise hands often throughout the duration of the meal.
• Maintain social distancing guidelines whenever possible.
• Refrain from physical contact such as handshakes etc..
• Follow all instructions given by staff members during the event.

Remember to have fun but also stay safe while dining out with strangers!


If you’re looking for an exciting way to make new connections while discovering great restaurants in SA then look no further than Table Charm! Signing up is easy and affordable prices make this social dining experience even better! Just remember safety first when joining tables so everyone can enjoy themselves without worrying about germs spreading around.</p

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