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How To Join South African Secret Service?

What is the South African Secret Service?

The South African Secret Service, also known as SASS, is an intelligence and security agency responsible for gathering information in order to safeguard South Africa’s national interests. The agency was established in 1994 following the end of Apartheid and works closely with other law enforcement bodies such as the police and military. It has a wide range of responsibilities including counterintelligence operations, cybersecurity research, data collection and analysis, protective services for VIPs, surveillance operations and counter-terrorism activities.

Requirements To Join SASS

Joining SASS involves meeting certain requirements which include:

– Being at least 18 years old with a valid ID document (passport or driver’s license)

– Having no criminal record or history of drug abuse

– Possessing excellent physical fitness

– Being fluent in English or Afrikaans

– Completing all necessary training courses required by the service

Application Process

To join SASS you must first submit an application form that can be found on their website alongside relevant documents such as your curriculum vitae (CV), identity document (ID), academic qualifications etc. Once your application has been reviewed by the selection committee it will then move onto the next stage which includes physical tests such as swimming exams, endurance runs and obstacle courses; psychological assessments; background checks; medical examinations; interviews with members of staff; completion of basic firearms training etc. Successful applicants are then invited to attend induction camps where they will receive specific training related to their role within SASS.                                                                          


Joining South Africa’s secret service requires dedication and commitment but provides numerous opportunities for personal growth while protecting one’s nation from threats both domestic and foreign. If you have what it takes to become part of this elite team then don’t hesitate to take up this challenge!

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