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How To Hide My Number Mtn?

What Is Hiding Your Number?

Hiding your mobile number is a process that allows you to make calls and send messages without revealing your identity. This feature has become increasingly popular in South Africa, as it offers users more control over who they communicate with and how their information is shared. By hiding your number, you can remain anonymous while still being able to use the services of South African networks like MTN.

How To Hide Your Number On MTN

MTN provides its customers with an easy way to hide their numbers when making calls or sending text messages. You can either do this manually by entering a code into the phone’s dialer or through an automated system on the website or app. Here’s what you need to know:

Manual Method

The manual method involves entering a specific code into your phone’s dialer before placing a call or sending a message. For MTN customers, this code is *#31# followed by the recipient’s number (e.g., *#31# 0781234567). Once entered correctly, any outgoing call will be made anonymously from then on until you enter another similar code such as #31* followed by the recipient’s number (e.g., #31* 0781234567).

Automatic Method

If you prefer an easier solution than having to remember codes each time, there are options available via MyMTN App which makes it possible for customers to easily switch between showing and hiding their numbers automatically when making calls/SMSing . Simply log in to MyMTN App > Services > Call & SMS Privacy Settings > Activate/Deactivate Call & SMS Privacy Settings>. You will then have two options; Show my caller ID or Hide my caller ID – select one and click save changes once done! Easy peasy! Note that this setting applies only for outgoing calls/SMSes not incoming ones so if someone wants to find out who called them they may still be able track down using other methods such as reverse lookup tools etc…

Benefits Of Hiding Your Number With MTN

There are many benefits of using MTNs call privacy service such as:

– Increased security – keeping personal data private from unwanted parties

– Anonymity – enables users communicate freely without revealing their identities

– Ability to block certain contacts from seeing your details

Conclusion As we move towards digital communication becoming more prevalent in our lives, technology like call privacy offered by companies like MTN becomes even more important for safeguarding user data and enabling us all enjoy hassle free communications without worrying about our personal information getting leaked! So don’t forget … next time you’re calling someone make sure keep yourself safe by activating those call privacy settings 🙂

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