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How To Hard Reset Mobicel?

What Is a Hard Reset?

A hard reset, also known as factory reset or master reset, is the restoration of a device to the state it was in when it left the factory. All settings, applications and data added by the user are removed. A hard reset should be done if your Mobicel phone has been experiencing problems such as freezing or crashing frequently.

Why Should You Hard Reset Your Mobicel Phone?

Hard resets can help resolve software issues on your Mobicel phone that cannot be solved with any other method. They can fix major system errors and restore optimal performance without having to take your device into repair shops. Additionally, they secure your personal information by deleting all stored data such as messages, contacts and installed applications from phones memory before you sell them or give them away to someone else.

Things To Note Before You Proceed With The Procedure:

• Backup important files before performing a hard reset because after this process all of their content will be erased from storage permanently;
• Charge your battery at least 60% so that it won’t die during procedure;
• Disable Anti-Virus protection for a few minutes while performing the procedure;

How To Perform A Hard Reset On Your Mobicel Device:

1) Go to ‘Settings’ on home screen of your device;
2) Select “backup &reset” option from list available options ;
3) Now choose “Factory Data Reset” option ;
4) Tap “Reset Phone” button which appears on bottom right side of screen ;
5) Confirm action by entering PIN code if prompted and then tap OK button again once more time confirm action; 6) Wait for several minutes until entire process completes successfully and then select reboot system now option when its appear on screen . 7) When you see welcome page ,then setup process would begin automatically . 8 ) Setup wizard will guide you through setting up new account along with customizing display settings ,etc . 9 ) Once complete ,you have successfully performed hard reset operation !


Performing a hard rest can help users troubleshooting many kinds of problems associated with their Mobicel devices including slow performance ,stability issues etc., but should only utilize this solution after trying out other methods first like restarting their handset /clearing cache/performing soft resets etc..

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