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How To Get Your Workshop Rmi Approved?

What is RMI Approval?

The Retail Motor Industry Organisation (RMI), formerly known as the Retail Motor Industry Federation, is a South African trade association that represents and regulates the interests of motor vehicle dealers, repairers, parts suppliers and related industries in South Africa. As part of its mission to protect consumers and ensure safe operation of vehicles within South Africa’s borders, RMI offers an approval program for workshops that meets strict quality standards.

Workshops who are approved by the RMI have met or exceeded all necessary requirements set out by the organisation in terms of safety regulations, technical competence and customer service excellence. Being approved by such a prestigious institution can be highly beneficial to any workshop business looking to provide top-notch services to customers.

How Can I Get My Workshop Rmi Approved?

In order to be eligible for consideration for an RMI approval, there are certain qualifications that must first be met:
1) The applicant must have been in business for at least one year.
2) They must employ qualified technicians with appropriate credentials from recognised institutions or organisations such as SAQA or Umalusi etc., specialising in their chosen field (mechanical repairs, panel beating etc.).
3) There should also be adequate professional indemnity insurance cover available if required.
4) The premises should meet minimum health & safety standards (elevated working platforms where applicable). 5) Adequate tools/diagnostic equipment should also be provided onsite along with relevant training resources for staff members involved in maintenance activities i.e., manuals/electronic media sources etc.. 6) Quality assurance systems should also be implemented including processes like ISO 9001 certification when possible; this will help demonstrate commitment towards delivering superior services consistently over time. 7) A valid Tax Clearance Certificate may also need presenting depending on individual circumstances so please check with your local tax authority beforehand if you’re unsure about anything here too! 8 ) Finally – but perhaps most importantly – applicants must demonstrate compliance with ethical practices which include fair pricing structures & customer satisfaction surveys being conducted regularly amongst other things…so make sure these are taken care of before applying!

Applying For Approval

Once all prerequisites have been satisfied then it’s time to submit your application form online via www .rmi .org .za /apply which includes details about yourself & your company plus contact information too! Once submitted you’ll receive confirmation within 48 hours confirming receipt followed shortly afterwards by notification detailing whether or not your application has been successful – so keep track throughout this process just incase something needs revisiting later down line…Good luck!!

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